Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Monkeys, Camels, Goats, and a Holy Moment

The Indian dress I pulled on this morning had B.O. soaked into the armpits so I sprayed perfume on top of the odor.

We drove to an unreached people group, the Koya, and after five and a half hours, we reached the jungle to begin the two-mile hike to find the one Koya man left in the village. 

The perfume was a gift from my girls in Hong Kong. The scent is called “family.” It covered the odor nicely. 

Today is the biggest Hindu holiday, Diwali. So Jesus escorted us on a lovesick adventure to find some people who need Him. 

Family is the story. 

My hands keep smelling like oranges. We’ve been living on a steady diet of white rice, oranges, and chai. 

When we got to the edge of the jungle, to where the big temple is, we asked a couple for directions. They told us that only one man lives in that jungle village now, everyone else moved. 

The monkeys came out of the trees and came close, wanting the bread in our hands. 

The direction-giving couple were Hindu, kind, and Jesus was wanting them. So we told the best Story ever told. We told them the Creator is a really good Father who wants us to know Him. They listened to the love-filled words that keep living through centuries and bringing sinners into Heaven. And right there, in front of the Hindu temple and the jungle, on Diwali, by the monkeys, they said they wanted to enter into conversation with the Hero of the Story. So they did! We prayed and they told Him He was welcome into their lives. The Hero smiled and touched their hearts with His gentle Hand and into His family they came. 

The hike ended at the one man’s house. From inside, he yelled that he had a knife and would come out and kill us if we didn’t leave. So we sat our bread outside his house and we left. We prayed and sang the whole back through the jungle. 

When we first started sharing those love Words with the listening—intently couple, they took their sandals off. I think they knew a holy moment was happening. After their first ever prayer to King Jesus, we asked them to listen for His voice for a few moments. They did. “I feel like I’m coming closer to God” the man said.

God’s affections, they’re pouring out of Him. “I want you to come into My family!” He’s singing loudly and beautifully to the angry man in the jungle village, to the couple by the temple who said “yes” to Him, to my fellow-hiking friends, to all the Diwali celebrators, and to me.