Sunday, October 7, 2018

coffee and friendship in hong kong (plus a super professional coffee review of the shops in central)

A million conversations and just about as many tears, sitting together in coffee shops in Hong Kong.

Best friend and I have sat in (almost) every coffee shop in Central (that’s a busy and cool party of the city). Other best friends joined us along the way, and holding hot drinks in our hands, we filled coffee shops with stories and laughs and cries and hearts connected. God loves coffee dates. That’s what I think. 

It's easy to think "I've got way too much to do to sit down for an hour with a friend and chat about nothing related to anything I have to do."

If I'm too busy to talk with a friend for an hour, then I'm too busy. 

It's similar to this post I'm currently writing. There are so many things happening in my heart and in my schedule right now that I can't keep up with it all. I just watched four of my family members fly out of my house and back to Africa, then I moved out of the house myself. I’m going on the 2-month Lovesick Evangelism Tour tomorrow. But in the middle of this huge life transition, I’m thankful for the way Jesus is loving me and I’m thankful for all those coffee dates. 

We decided the world needed to hear about what we’ve discovered. We set up a scale and gave every shop a score. 


Points given on a 1-10 scale based on ambiance, coffee taste, staff kindness, and price. If they have a rewards card, we gave them a +1. Or anything else we liked, we gave more bonus points. It's our scale and our game, so we did what we want. 
Uncle Russ 
(at ferry pier 6) 
A-1 C-5 S-5 P-8

(the name is a percent sign)  
A-3 C-7 S-4 P-7 
Some prime real-estate in IFC mall, nice coffee, seating for only about 3 people at a time

Elephant Grounds 
A- 8 C-8.5 S-3 P-3
Being in there makes you feel cool. A little pricey. 

A-6 C-9 S-7.5 P-2 
New Zealand coffee, pricey, good coffee, great carrot cake, top floor of IFC mall, it’s a chain but a cute one 

A-6 C-8 S-3 P-7
New shop with quite a bit of space, lots of plants, giant windows, cool leather chairs, and coffee we like.

A-4 C-7 S-7 P-6
Crowded, but nice location, friendly staff, and rewards card +1

Blend and Grind 
A-8 C-6 S-5 P-5
Small cup of coffee, but nice huge open door. I like open doors. And fans. They take really good care of their plants and they let us eat our own food. Rewards card +1 

13 peel 
A-6 C-8 S-5 P-5
Coffee only, no food, the coolest to go cup (I saved it), oatmilk, garden patio out back, rewards card +1

We went in and but they had rules about how much money to spend so we left.


Hazel and Hershey 
(Been 3 times!) 
A-7 C-7 S-6 P-5
Awesome outdoor sitting area that’s on three levels +1. It’s where our friend Terri gets her beans and Terri is classy.

A-8 C-9 S-6 P-5
Birthday surprise! Some of my favorite people were sitting there so all the bonus points +1
“Their coffee was the best for me.”

Zero one  
A-5 C-8 S-10 P-5
Cool view - tons of huge windows +1. I got a great oat milk cappucino (first one I’d ever tried and I’m a fan). They give 20% off drinks before 11 a.m., have awesome gold spoons, and they’re super nice. It’s owned by person who’s friends with our friend so we feel a heart-connect.

A-8 C-10 S-3 P-7  
It’s a local chain and our all-time favorite coffee shop in Hong Kong (the one in Wan Chai), however, this score is based on their location in Central. We load money onto the app on our phones and get a buy one get one free every visit +2. Great coffee, great food.  We love you, Habitu. 

And the winner is....

Fine print 
A-9 C-8 S-6 P-6
Winning coffee, winning food, cool decor, and the staff ran down the hill to give me a scarf I left at the table +1. The best avocado toast with tons of feta cheese +2. Community table, not our favorite, but it’s not terrible. You can sit on the side of the street and they come outside and serve you. And it’s a pretty street (pictured). 


I hope you hangout with a friend this week for no reason other than just being with them. And drink some coffee. 

When evening came, Jesus was reclining at the table with the Twelve.
-Matthew 26:20