Saturday, September 22, 2018

prison, goodbyes, and the best words

It's my last Sunday in Lowu Prison and it’s going to be a sad goodbye. 

I've been having a lot of those lately. My girls from Africa have finished their time in our safe home and we've recently said goodbye to two of them. Two more will be flying home to their families soon.  And, I'm about to move out of Hong Kong. Lots of change, lots of goodbyes. 

I asked God what I should talk about in prison tomorrow, and it seems He wants my friends in prison (and everyone else) to know that He really wants to talk to us. We can hear the Creator talk, inside of us, and I can’t get over it. 

Listening to what God says is the comfort and the hope in goodbyes, the joy and the endurance in processes, the wisdom in decisions, the truth that sustains us in hard times. We've got to hear Him and listen to Him. And He really wants us to. 

God wants to speak to us- that’s something every human has in common. Created in His image, His Spirit-life beating inside of our hearts, we have the ability to listen to His Spirit, to dialogue with Him. Jesus made that possible by taking our sin on the Cross and when we give God our lives, He sends Holy Spirit to live inside of us. If you've never given God your life, He wants you to. You, me, the ladies in Lowu, the ladies flying home to Africa, we need to know what He says and we need to let it be all we listen to. 

Reading the Bible and letting it get inside me like an anchor, it helps me know what He's like and what He wants. Then when I have a specific question for Him, I can identify the Holy Spirit's answer to my heart, based off the kinds of things He says in the Bible. 
 Asking God questions and listening to His answers - I want it to fill my days. 

His voice creates life, creates peace, silences lies, carries us.

Reading through the Bible’s book of Mark, I keep noticing how many times people ask Jesus questions. And sweet Jesus answers them. He hasn’t changed. He’s still sweet and He still answers our questions. 

Mark 10:28
When He came into the house, His disciples began questioning Him privately...

The best final words to leave with my friends in Lowu Prison, the best final words to leave with my girls flying to Africa, the best words for me to hold onto- His words. When we read the Bible, when we ask Him questions and listen to His Spirit talk to us, His Words carry us. 

His Words are like rushing water (Revelation 1:15). Other voices are kinda like stagnant disgusting ponds that you wouldn't want to swim in. But God's voice is alive and rushing and pure and good.

My girls flying back to Africa are carried along by His Words. As I sit and sort through a lot of emotions in Hong Kong, I'm carried along by His Words. And my friends in prison, riding down that river, are carried along by His Words. 

try it
+ Read Psalm 138 and take your time
+ Ask God how He feels about you today, sit and listen 

"My sheep hear My voice and I know them and they follow Me.'
John 10:27