Tuesday, September 25, 2018

It's really Good News

It doesn't even weigh that much. 
And they put a couple solar-powered flashlights in the backpack, too. 

I was five when my mom told me the Gospel. I've been friends with Jesus since then. But there are 3.1 billion people in the world who've never heard about the Man my mom introduced me to. 

This season in Hong Kong's red light districts is ending and a new one is coming. I'm moving from a home full of African family in Asia, to a home full of American family in Kentucky. 

But first, beginning October 9, I'm going on a two-month trip through Southeast Asia to tell people about Jesus. My best friend and I thought it was a good idea to fly to some places and let God spread love around, and shrink that 3.1 billion number. So we bought lots of plane tickets, invited loved ones to join us, and dubbed it the "Lovesick Evangelism Tour." Jesus is in love with all of us, and He wants us to love Him back. We're so excited. 

We told friends we needed $2,000 to buy some Gospel-sharing supplies. So our friends gave us $3,000 and we've got our backpack projector to show the Jesus film to people who've never heard about Him, audio Bibles so people can hear what God has to say, and cash to buy medical supplies and food for people along the way. And a guitar for a children's home. 

The Gospel-sharing backpack arrived and it felt like Christmas morning. We unzipped all the compartments and took out all the treasures- projector, batteries, sim cards with the Jesus Story in Nepali, Hindu, and Telegu, flashlights, and bug spray.

We laid in the drop-in center’s floor in the middle of the red light district- the same floor where we've cried and laughed and sang and rested and met with Jesus over and over- and we projected the Jesus film onto the ceiling. We tested out all the languages (they work!) and asked God to use that movie and this backpack to help lots of people get to know Him. 

The projector is solar-powered so it can be used in places without electricity. 

A few hours later, at 1 a.m., we were with our friends on the streets. Ladies from Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda got to hear that He loves them. 

The point of life is to know Him and I keep being amazed that I get to. Red light districts, villages in india, the suburbs of America; He wants our love. 

Thank you to all of you who are giving into the Lovesick Evangelism Tour. The Gospel is getting preached and God is thrilled! I'm still raising support to help fund my trip, and if you'd like to help, you can do so here. Thank you!

*Please pray for us! All our lovesick teammates and every person we will meet along the way! We're believing for signs and wonders and souls and lovesickness! Pray specifically for the Raji people in India- for success getting to them, open hearts, and the love of Jesus to be embraced by everyone.