Monday, May 14, 2018

rich, poor, and learning to share

There are these kids I got to meet who live in trash pits in India. They are really really pretty and really really dirty. They’ve never slept in a bed. Never once. Can you imagine?

Where they live is where the city dumps all of its garbage. Their houses are made out of trash, their beds are made out of trash, their clothes were dug out of the trash. It's not an easy place to visit for an hour, let alone a place to be raised. 

So what about them? They’ve never eaten Swiss cheese in Switzerland or drank coffee in Spain. How do I justify vacationing in Europe while kids live in trash and sniff glue so they don’t feel hungry? It’s something worth thinking about. So we’ve been thinking about it. 

If you would’ve told me about this trip to Europe a couple years ago, I mighta got mad at my future self, called her self-centered, then shook my head at the “waste.” But today, I’m just happy. Happy He is extravagant and likes kissing us. 

God shows me His extravagant heart. As He does, I get to help everybody else see it, too. And it’s super fun to look at. He blows me away with undeserved kindness because that’s what He’s like. And I don't keep all the undeserved kindness to myself, but let it hit all the people around me. He's got enough extravagance for everyone. 

He doesn’t love me any differently than He loves those kids in India. The awe my heart felt for two weeks in Europe, the awe He lets me feel regularly, He wants those kids to feel. He has enough awe to fill their hearts, too. How can I show them how extravagant He is? How can I show ladies in the sex industry in Hong Kong that what He offers is a lifetime of joy? How can I help them know His kindness kiss? These are pretty fun questions. And He has the answers! 

I’ve been thinking, maybe those kids in India need a hot air balloon ride. And some donuts. Those ladies in prostitution could use some ice-cream dates. People in jail cells and hospital waiting rooms and on bed rest in their living rooms, God's wanting to show them undeserved kindness and He's wanting to use you and me to do it. He doesn’t just give us what we need, He goes way above and way beyond and shouts “I WANT TO KISS YOU GUYS!” 

He is so much more than I’ve dreamt about. Bigger, better, wilder. And super in love. 
With me, with you, with all of us. 

Our last night of vacation, in a hotel in Barcelona, Kelley Roo watched street kids in India documentaries. We asked God to teach us how to share. 

 Luke 3:11 says,
 "Anyone who has two shirts should share with the one who has none, and anyone who has food should do the same."

I have lots and lots of sharing to do! And the Great Generous God is an excellent teacher. 

We've all got different amounts of money to live on. Some of us have lots extra, some of us don't have enough. God has plenty for everyone, and we need to let Him help us share. God isn't mad if you spend a lot of money on coffee. He isn't upset that I went on vacation to Europe. He just wants us to remember that we're living in His extravagance and He wants us to share. 

The same God who flies me around the world because He’s in love with me is the same God who has storehouses in Heaven packed with love-filled extravagance with your name all over it. And lots and lots of kisses. 
He's the same God who sees all those kids who live in trash, and He has extravagant plans for them.
That’s fun, huh?