Friday, February 23, 2018

my family

My sister just had her fourth baby and I wasn’t there. 

I got to see the last two enter the world, breathe their first breaths, cry their first cries, my sister hold them for their first holds. But this one, Riggs Daniel Hussmann, I was 8,013 miles away standing in my kitchen in Hong Kong when he made his entrance. I was drying my Grandpa Bill's cast iron skillet when mom sent the text, "He's here." 

I got down on my knees in the kitchen floor and asked God to keep His hand on Riggs for the rest of his life. I asked God to help Riggs know His affections for him, and to fill his life with goodness. Soon, Kelley joined me on the floor and we finished simple prayers together, got up, then went and built a campfire in celebration of Riggs' life. 

I’ve been crying a little the past few days. I want to touch Riggs and see his brothers and sister hold him and watch him blend into his family. But I’m not in Kentucky. And I think it’s ok to feel sad about it. There's nothing wrong with a little healthy sadness when you miss out on important family moments. 

But I don’t think it’s ok to sit around and feel sorry for myself and let my sadness tell me how to view my life.  They look different than bringing a baby home from the hospital, but important family moments are still filling my days because the Heart that important family moments are coming out of, God's giant Heart; I'm living right in the middle of it.

I’m not living with my sister’s newborn baby, but I am living with four sisters from Africa and my best friend from Virginia and I just spent five days in the Philippines with people who live in the trash and with men and women selling their bodies and my heart is growing. And the canvas God is painting family on is way bigger than I thought. His brush strokes are broad and colorful and the paint is made out of love.

Kara Hussmann brought home her fourth beautiful baby. A lady who works in the sex industry in Manila heard the Gospel and said "yes" to joining God's family. Kids in the trash got hugs and kisses and heard about their in-love Creator. My sisters from Africa are learning more about His love for them and that He calls them beautiful. 

From Louisville to Manila, He’s bringing new members into His family. He’s loving wildly and well. And I get to be in the middle of His big giant family heart. 

God's family growing is the most important of all of life's importants.
It's why Jesus died. 

He lived, He bled, He died, He lives again; now people living in the trash in Manila get to experience hope and have warm meals brought to them and the promise of Heaven preached to them. Now my sister and brother get to raise a beautiful family up in a home consumed with love. Now I get to live in Hong Kong with a family that looks different than I ever thought my family would look. 

My African family and my biological American family and my Filipino family and my Hong Kong church family and my American church family and my brand new Riggs Daniel Hussmann; Jesus died and rose again and now we all get to be family together. 
I love the Gospel.
And I'm looking forward to the day I meet this little guy.