Friday, January 12, 2018


There are lots of things I crave. 
Lobster, coffee, cookie dough, my family, and recently, a whole lot of steadiness. 

I've been back in my Hong Kong home for two weeks after three weeks in my American home. Those three weeks were full of steady thankful days. My American home is amazing- the people, the comfort, the amount of love. But my Hong Kong home is amazing too, and I'm on a journey to be filled with steady thankful no matter where I am in the world. 

My American and Hong Kong homes have some major differences. In Hong Kong, I live in a home full of ladies from Africa, the local grocery store isn't ran by people who know my grandparents, I don't know everyone by first name when I walk down the street, folks around here speak Cantonese as their first language, I don't see my family every day, and I work for a ministry that's planted in the middle of a red light district. 

But in both America and Hong Kong, I have faithful friends. Those faithful friends play a pretty major roll in adding steady thankful to my days. 

"Steady" isn't a word that could describe my emotions of the past year. And "thankful" hasn't often been my attitude for these across-the-planet changes coming into my life. 

But God isn't intimidated by my wild emotions and He's really good. He's steadying me. And He's showing me how to let thankfulness fill my every day. 

He's using these faithful friends all over the world to help. 

While I was home, my Uncle Tim and Aunt Darla drove from North Carolina to Illinois, booking it, so they could sit in in my parents' living room with me for 20 minutes before I flew back. Going to Trader Joe's with my big sister was relaxing and exciting. My friend Richie was happy to see me when I showed up at his doorstep. My aunt Jill made me cinnamon rolls like she has my entire life. Meagan still made me feel important and thankful to be alive. 

These consistent relationships in the Western Hemisphere help me breathe deeply and grin. 

But returning to the Eastern Hemisphere, best friend Kelley gave me yet another grand and movie-worthy pick-up from the airport (a guitar, a song, twinkle lights, and a banner).  My Hong Kong church is still singing to God and He's still listening. My African sisters cheered when I came home, and the homemade banner made me feel warm.  

The faithful love I'm getting from people, in both hemisphere homes; it steadies me. 

And here's the best and more important; 
it's all coming from the One I'm going to rightfully call the 
Great Steady One. 

The most steady constant I have is the steady constant King who’s ruling my insides. He sits on my heart's throne and rules this hectic place with His steady constant grace, smile on His face, unmoved and completely in love. This doesn’t change. 
“I love you, you don’t have to be afraid” ringing from His Voice into my heart over and over every day, it’s my great steadier. He is my constant consistency. When my heart is bucking and my face is covered in tears and I’m wondering when the lifelong vacation will arrive, He stills me. I open the Bible and He whispers and I breathe deeply and grin. He brings the steady I'm craving. 

Me, my African sisters, and best friend; we all had a campfire the other night. We taught our sisters how to roast marshmallows, best friend boasted of her fire-building skills, and we all laughed in the backyard. He brings the steady I'm craving. 

p.s. One of my faithful friends has a birthday today. Richie Travis, I'm so thankful for your friendship. Have the best birthday you've ever had and know that your friendship means so much to me. You're my favorite bubblegum buddy.