Monday, December 18, 2017


I picked a random aisle to walk down, one that bridged me to my destination- the glorious grocery paradise at Wal-Mart. My bridge aisle was full of cool glittery decorations and at its end were twinkle lights. Lots of twinkle lights. And different kinds. 

Twinkle lights are a pretty important part of my life. I hang them all over whatever space is my current home; taped randomly across walls is my classy technique. 

All those pretty little white lights remind me that Jesus is romantic, peaceful, and likes me.

I bought three different types that night at Walmart. Eight strands total. Then I went on to the grocery section where I walked down the cereal aisle, which boasted about 109 different options. I bought the best two kinds, some cool new snacks I found, some Lara bars, and quite a few other things. It was fun. It was my first time in 
Wal-Mart in ten months. 

America is amazing. I’ve been home now for a week and three days. A little less than two weeks to go before flying back to Hong Kong. These ten days, I’ve been in a kind of amazed daze. Walking around, filled up thankful, getting thousands of kisses from my sister’s kids, getting greeted by strangers in stores because these Southern Americans are friendly, having people who really know me hug me and love me, my Pastor pray over and anoint me, and on and on. 

The everyday normal has awed my heart for these ten days. When I live in America, I don’t usually get dazzled by the friendly cashier at Target or the options of very affordable cheese at Kroger. But coming in with a new I-don’t-live-here-anymore perspective, the result has been awe-filled days.  Amazed by by family, amazed by this country, amazed by life. And doesn't it seem like God would want to make all my days like these ten? Whether I’m in the USA or Hong Kong or some other land He takes me to; I want to savor all these moments He gives me. 

My journal has new 3 year-old princess artwork all over it. I have wrestling matches with my 1 year-old nephew everyday (he growls like a little bear). An ice cream date with my sister and all three kids feels like a Hallmark movie. Having my family sit in my bedroom with me; there couldn't be a better evening. I know these moments are coming to an end soon, so I’m savoring. 

But these three weeks in America, they're not the only moments coming to an end. This whole shebang- my life- will also have an ending. I want to live with this I'm-going-to-be-dead-soon-so-let-me-savor way of going about all my days. I know there are plenty of imperfections and hardships and wishing-things-were-a-little different woven into all of our lives, but man, there's also a whole lot of amazing. These moments God gives you and God gives me- we’re intended to enjoy them! To soak them up and savor. Let's all live like we're dying, because we are.

My 1 year-old nephew, he shares my love for twinkle lights. I’ve got several strands hung around my folks’ house at this point, so little boy and I turn them all on together every morning, his eyes big and my heart in awe as I watch him. 

How deeply intimate and far-reaching is God's love!
-Ephesians 3:19