Sunday, November 19, 2017

the right here and now (enjoying these moments we're in)

We sat at the kitchen table mom and dad built us when they were here--long, fits 6 people easy, made out of old wood pallets we drug home from the garbage pile--with homemade African food.

Stories were exchanged, lessons learned over the past week were shared. We enjoyed. My African sisters and me. 

After the dishes were washed, we sat around the living room, asked God to teach us as we read, and spent unhurried minutes in Psalm 139. We read to ourselves, living room silent and sweet. 

The tendency I have is to cry and forget that God's good- that this is good, me living in family in Hong Kong- to feel sorry for myself and wonder why moving across the world seems to be way harder for me than it is for everybody else. My tendency is to forget that I'm living in real-life-right-before-my-eyes miracles. Miracles! 

I spent years asking God for this life. I don't know how long I'll live in Hong Kong, with African family, with my best friend, with dreams and miracles happening in front of me, but years from now, as I look back on these days, I'm going to be amazed, and I'm guessing I'm going to wonder why I spent so much time complaining in my heart. I will have the "I'm not in it anymore and I can now clearly see it was extravagant Love from Heaven that was filling my days" perspective. But I don't want to wait until it's over to have that perspective. I want it now.

The right here and now is amazing. 
Not perfect. Not without a lot of struggle. But amazing. 
Right now, as I sit on a homemade quilt from India and smell a coffee cake candle that one of my African sisters made and look at artwork my best friend painted on old brown paper and am surrounded by twinkle lights on copper wire that mom gave me, I'm letting my heart be amazed. Not longing for this season to finish, not complaining about where I'm at, but celebrating it. 

My days go better when I let thankfulness drown out the wishing-things-were-different. 

If you're a full-time babysitter wondering why, a working mom missing easier days, a single guy in the midst of married friends, a high schooler dreaming of life after graduation, or a missionary living in a house in Asia with African sisters but missing your house in America with American sisters--if we'll look, we'll find the amazing in the right here and now. These moments we're in are to be embraced, not wished away. 

The more space we give King Jesus in our lives, the more we embrace these moments, the more thankful our hearts get, the more enjoyment is added to the daily. Let's give Him all the space we've got. 
And let's enjoy today.