Saturday, October 28, 2017

8,013 miles

When I was in second grade, I was in a "Little Miss Princess" contest in my hometown. They put a mic in front of my 7 year-old face and asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. 
"A farmer," I said. 

I've always wanted to be just like my dad. 

 A few weeks ago, my mom gave him a course on sending pictures using an app on his phone. Just about everyday, he takes photos of what's in front of him, and sends them to his youngest daughter across the world. When I see I have a new photo from dad to open, all my insides get swelled up with a grin.  

Will it be a picture he snapped of a random object in our house? 
Will it be of a field he's farming today?  
Will it be a photo of his mom making sure the semi tires are ok? 
His photos are creative and thoughtful and I save each one. 

Seeing what my dad is seeing has become a highlight of my days. 

Living these 8,013 miles away from my dad and the rest of that crew is still hard and I still cry for them from time to time. But knowing we still get to share life together, even though it looks a bit different than the past, helps. 

To know he's stopping what he's doing to pull out his phone and take a picture because he's thinking about me and wants to share his life with me; this does something good for my heart. 

Like He's done so many times, God takes my dad and teaches me about His nature. The things in front of Him, He wants me to see. He pauses to send me "I love you" whispers throughout the day. He thinks of me. His perspective of everything--my life, politics, suffering, family, humanity--it's right and its good and He wants to share it with me. Even though we're not yet together in the we-can-touch-each-other-with-our-skin place, He wants our days to be shared. 

True thoughts about Heaven, delightful feelings in His heart for me, scenes of us together, the different colors of the sunset reflecting His creativity and kindness, the salty ocean waves that change in size; He has pictures He wants us to see. He's a really good dad.  

Ask God to make you aware of all the love He has for you right now, at this moment. Ask Him to open your eyes to see His love. 

photo taken by Randy Short