Friday, August 25, 2017

I'm glad I didn't die

"Together" is one of my favorite words. 

August 25, 2012; it's been five years since I was bloodied up in a hospital in Thailand with missing teeth and a swollen brain and life support helping me breathe. 

When mom and dad flew to Thailand to sit with me in the hospital, 
I was unconscious. I couldn't offer them a nice Thai meal or tell them stories from the past months I'd spent in India or thank them for flying across the world to see me. I couldn't even hug them. 
I laid there bloodied and broken and offered them nothing. Days went by before I even opened my eyes. 

But, like the Lord Jesus when He came down here to show us what God's like, they didn't come so I could impress them. They came to love me. 

It's been five years- my brain has recovered and I got some new fake teeth and mom and dad are still flying across the world to love me. 

They just got back home after spending a month with us* in Hong Kong; loving, sweating, laughing, building stuff, fixing stuff, feeding us, parenting us, being so so good to us. 

I cried when they got here, I cried when they left.

That's the best part of all of it. They're so generous with their together. When they were sitting next to my hospital bed in the ICU in Thailand and when they were building a new dining room table in Hong Kong, they were giving their together. Just being with me; that's all they want, and that's all God wants, too. 

 There's something about someone wanting to be with you that brings life to your heart.  

Our friends, from South Africa to India and several places in between, got loved by them. Dad hugged them all, said, "I love you." Mom smiled and called them "Sugar." My parents are showing me and all my friends from around the world what God's like. He's wonderful. 

If you're broken, weak, have a bleeding head, or missing front teeth, God is crazy about you. He wants to sit next to you and put life back in your barely-breathing body. 

It's Who God is and it's how He made us to be. With Him and with each other, we were built for together.

It's August 25, 2017 and I'm glad I'm still alive.  

*"us" is me and my new Hong Kong family God's given me, made up of beautiful folks from all over the place