Saturday, May 6, 2017

painting freedom in the living room floor

I've got a million and 2 distractions. 
Insecurities and doubts and lies and endless to-do lists and thoughts I don't want to be thinking; life's been swamped with them lately. 

We had family painting in the living room floor tonight. Old cardboard boxes and newspapers were our canvases and freedom was our subject.
"We can draw a picture as a prayer. And just let the Holy Spirit speak to us."

I told God I'd like freedom from those million and 2 distractions. I named a couple off, and they seemed huge in size. Like, blocking my view of Him. 

My eyes were closed and Holy Spirit knew He was welcome to fill my imagination, so He did. 

I pictured all those rotten distractions I was stuck in and then pictured the beautiful Man, Lord Jesus, lifting me out of them. He put me on a mountain, way above all the distractions.

Then the best scene filled my mind; 
me and Jesus standing forehead to forehead. 

The distractions had shrunk down to pitiful tiny-looking things way way below us, and me and Jesus were in a clear space, simply focused on each other. Forehead to forehead. Eye to eye. So close we're one. 

I got the idea this is how He wants us to live. And He's gonna help make it happen.

A bride who doesn't want to look at her groom isn't a great bride. But a bride who can't take her eyes off her groom, that's the kind he wants. Jesus said His people are His bride. And He wants us to look at Him. 

Jesus, help us stand forehead to forehead with you and to live like that. You're worth looking at. 

p.s. today's my big sister's birthday. she's played a huge part in making me want to look at Jesus. she's awesome times 100. happy birthday, kara jo. i love you from garden gate to the cheesecake factory in hong kong.

Lift up your eyes on high and see Who has created these stars...
-Isaiah 40:26