Monday, December 12, 2016

Key of F (thoughts from this bus ride)

I spend a lot of time in transit. 

On today's bus ride, I'm googling facts about house flies and have read from several mostly-credible-looking articles that they hum in the key of F. 

Did you know that?
I didn't. 

Bumble bees and honey bees also hum in F. 

I love God.

The same super Being who designed insects wings to flap in tune with each other has invited mankind to hug Him. Wow. 

So I'm sitting on a bus in Hong Kong, looking at two middle school boys in front of me, as we drive by sky scrapers, feeling thankful for insects who hum in a key signature. And mostly thankful for the musical Genius who invented them.

Many of my nights are spent on the streets with people who work on the streets, offering their bodies to clients. The clients seem to be almost always drunk, and the ladies are generally on their way to being drunk. Selling your body is much more difficult to do when you're sober. That's what the ladies tell us.

There's so much hope. Hope for those ladies, hope for the little boys in front of me on the bus, hope for me, hope for you. Because the God who gives house flies an on-key hum is wanting to hold us all. He's come into our darkness and shone brightly and continues to shine where He's welcome. Wow again. 

There are a lot of nasty things going on in the world and life is hard. But God gave house flies a key signature.

I've spent my first three months in Hong Kong being an emotional mess. But God is listening to house flies hum in F and He's listening to my heart. 

Tears and homesickness and sex industry darkness; they don't stand a chance against Jesus. He sees, He listens, He wins. 

That's about all. God hears house flies' hums and He hears your thoughts and He's spreading hope in my heart and spreading hope in red light districts.