Sunday, October 16, 2016

Getting through hard stuff

I still cry because I miss my family. But now I also cry because of how thankful I am that I get to live this life I'm living. It's not super easy, but it's a much better script than I could've ever written myself. God writes the best stories.  

The ways God has very thoughtfully blessed me during my first weeks of my first indefinite move to Asia have been impressive. 

The past month has been a challenging one, but in the middle of my crying-for-my-family days, Jesus has wowed me with His kindness. Over and over. He's totally ok with me missing my family, but He's also helping me give a joyful "yes" to this move to Asia. A joyful "yes" is a lot better than a gritting-my-teeth-and-whining "yes." 

"Am I enough?" is a question He has been asking me. This whole thing-the move to Hong Kong and settling in a new continent and my entire life and all of creation-it's about the union. Uniting His Heart with mankind's heart is His only focus. 

A union is what He and I have together, and our union is growing stronger. He doesn't invite us into situations that are hard in order to make us miserable. Or to watch us try to crawl through them. His invitations to us are always about the union; our hearts connecting to His. Realizing this brings joy to the "yes," even if it's "yes" to something sort of uncomfortable and hard to understand. Like living in Hong Kong. 

noun \ˈyün-yən\ 

an act of joining two or more things together

Living in Hong Kong with Jesus isn't a drag at all. It's, like, the opposite of a drag.

I'm currently in Thailand with two of my best friends. Sons&Daughters came to be trained by red light ministries who are bringing Jesus to sex workers. We got to come a weekend early to hangout with a best friend who's a missionary here and guess what? We just got done zip lining through the rainforest. 

"Go to Thailand and zip line through the rainforest with friends." 
I never would've even dreamed to write that into the script.  

When we lay down and surrender, He takes hold of us and shows off. I'm learning about it. He's helping me walk in surrender and the more I surrender, the more wonderful I realize He is. 

When we let Him be in control, He does a better job running our lives than we could ever do ourselves. I mean, light, joy, kindness, friendship, laughter, hope; it's all coming from Him. 

And we're invited to be connected to Him! 

This union;
it's the way to get through the hard stuff. 

"You cover grey, empty space with color from Your will."

- Jonathan David and Melissa helser, Beautiful Jesus