Thursday, August 4, 2016

When you're in love

Life is the great romance. Here we are, walking through our days with hearts that feel and minds that think and affections we get to do whatever we want with. Earth is the place where we choose our lover. The options are many; one can make a lover out of anything. With all of our heart, mind, soul, and strength we may choose to love our families, our bank accounts, being comfortable, keeping control, making a name for ourselves, or an infinite amount of other lovers. The lover we choose for ourselves becomes the motivation of our days, the focus of our thoughts, the object of our affections. 

There is just one Lover who deserves to be loved with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength. God, the Creator of the great romance (life), is intensely romantic. He set life up to be a love story between two lovers loving each other with their entire beings. He started the story with putting His beloved in a garden. 

He gave His beloved many options of lovers to choose from, with the deep longing to be chosen. He walked with His beloved through the garden, He let her* smell the flowers, He filled the air with His love so that it surrounded her, He spoke sweetly to her; all to show His Beloved His affections.  His deepest desire was (and is) for her to choose Him instead of the others. But His beloved picked someone else. 

The rest of the story is still being written. The Great Romantic God hasn't changed. He became a man to come after His beloved. He died for her, defeated death for her, bought her a white gown, and now beckons her to come to Himself.*

"Open to Me, my sister, my darling, my dove, my flawless one."
- Song of Solomon 2:2

He still longs to be chosen. He sees her and He feels desire. From fishermen in villages in India to Starbucks employees in Chicago, He looks at us and His desire is for a lover. 

We just had the sweetest two months in Mozambique together, now I'm on my way home. I went to Harvest School of Missions, started by Rolland and Heidi Baker. He invited me to come here so He could show me His Heart, pour His love on me, help me give Him all control, pull me closer, and make me more like Him. 

Lord Jesus did more things in my heart than my mind can understand. I'm finding the best way to describe it, in summary, is by saying He is a Lover filled with desire for me. 

His desire isn't just for me, but also for you. And the other seven billion. If we'll let Him, He'll lavish love on us until we're drowning in it.

Have you ever been in love? You were fascinated by the one you loved, consumed with love for them. I'm telling you, your Maker is consumed with love for you.* He's looking at you right now, filled with affection, and longing for you to look back. 

"Your one sole purpose in life is to get as close to Jesus as possible."
- Rolland Baker 

Lord Jesus,
What do You look like?
What do Your hands feel like?
What does Your cheek feel like on my lips when I kiss it?
What does Your voice sound like?
What happens in my heart when I feel You looking at me?
How strong are Your arms?
How tight do you hug?
How interested are You in me?
What's Your smile look like?
How bright are Your clothes?
How close do You want to be?

I get to spend the rest of my life and the rest of eternity discovering the answers. He's a beautiful Mystery, whose beauty has no end.  

But there are some questions we won't get to ask for eternity. Our only chance to ask them is during our years on earth: 

What else can I give You?
How else can I please You?
How much closer can we get?

In Heaven, I'll no longer be tempted to choose other lovers. I won't be able to choose to suffer for Him, I won't be able to lay something else on the altar, I won't be able to look away from other options to bring Him glory. The only time for all of that is right now.

He wants you as a forever companion. I know there are a lot of lovers to choose from, but there's no one like Him. Oh how I want to encourage you to choose Him! If you have questions about Him, email me!

All goodness is coming from Him. 
He's wonderful beyond words.

"If you're fully in love with God, it's your pleasure to obey Him."
-Mama Heidi 

"When you're fully in love,  nothing's work."

*Mankind is being referred to as "she"
*the Bible is full of words about His Love for us: out of many, here are a few scriptures- John 3:16, Romans 5:9, Ephesians 3:19, 1 John 4
*2 Corinthians 5:21, White gown- revelation 19:8