Friday, June 17, 2016

Getting Romanced in Africa

For three weeks, I've been living in Mozambique, Africa with new friends from 29 countries.

From Egypt to Brazil, Jesus has chased all 280 of us down with mercy. Now we're here together, each with our own histories with Him, and He's making new memories with us in the red dirt of Mozambique. 

He's intimate. 
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; so undivided and united that they're One. He's after that with us. He's so interested in every part of who we are. And He wants all of it. Because He's in love.

He wanted lovers, friends, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters. So here we are. 

Our hearts are His main interest.  He's doing a bunch in mine right now. Like, more than I can keep up with. He's way better than I realize. That's the main thing I know. 

There are a lot of people making it possible for me to be here right now. Thank you. Every prayer you pray, every dollar you give; I'm grateful. I love you. 

He loves getting our attention, He loves showing us how beautiful He is, He loves pulling us closer.  

"He does more than look for friends;
He creates them."
- Rolland Baker 

love one another, God lives in us & His Love is made complete in us.
-1 John 4:12