Saturday, May 7, 2016

Friendship with Jesus

He'd been looking forward to sharing a meal with her all day. She got off work and drove to the restaurant, where he was waiting. She sat down across from him, he was beaming a smile at her, but she didn't notice. She didn't even look up at him. 

"Hey! How was your day?" he asked. She didn't seem to hear him. Her eyes were fixed on the menu. He kept trying to create  conversation but she continued to sit in silence, eyes locked on the menu. After the waiter took their orders, she stared down at her hands, and finally, spoke to him. But something was significantly strange. She was reciting words from memory. It seemed she had prepared a speech and as empty words filled the air, he longed for her to tell him something with meaning. 

The speech ended when the waiter brought their meals. She shoveled her food in as fast as she could, wiped her mouth, stared down at her hands, whispered "thanks for the food," and walked out of the restaurant.

If this is the type of interaction which made up a friendship, there wouldn't be much of a friendship.   

Why do we eat meals with people we love? To connect with them, listen to them, strengthen our relationship with them.
A meal shared between two friends involves eye contact, listening, caring, emotion, pauses, meaningful words.

It seems to me like Jesus wants the time we spend with Him to be like we're having dinner with a friend. He's not interested in hearing me recite a speech. He wants to hear what's happening in my heart, He wants me to ask Him questions, He wants me to understand what He's saying to me through the Words I'm reading, He wants me to take my time. 

Have you ever felt like someone thought of the time they spent with you as something they had to get through? An item to get checked off their to-do list? That feels awful. And I think God would agree.

He's super personal. He's super invested in your life. Like, He's paid attention to every moment. He's never going to get tired of your company. Gosh. It's amazing to be loved like that. 

It's not fair to ignore Him. He wants us to look up at Him. 
When I set my phone aside, tell the hurricane in my mind to be still, sit before Him and say,
"Jesus, I'm going to pay attention to You right now,"
He grins and says, "Alas."