Saturday, April 16, 2016

sex for sale and family

 It's a price sheet of sex for sale. 
I took this picture in one of Hong Kong's red light districts last year. The currency is Hong Kong dollars so 250 means about $33. A Malay Thai girl is selling her body for $33. Many of these girls are trafficked. Others believe it's their only option.  With the ministry I'm working for in Hong Kong, I get to become friends with these ladies! I get to tell them what God says about them: they're beautiful, priceless, and He has freedom for them. I get to love them with His family love. 

This morning I got my 2-year old niece out of her crib. She was soaked in pee. After cleaning her up, I dressed her and put her hair up in wild-looking pigtails. I'm living with my sister and her family for two months in Louisville, KY, and I'm learning about family.  

Being part of a healthy family is time-consuming, hard, and wonderful. 

At God's core is the desire for family. 
In the suburbs of America, in the red light districts of Hong Kong, and every place in between, God's wanting all 7 billion of us to be part of His family (2 Peter 3:9). 

The Malay Thai girl selling herself for $33 and my 2-year old niece who is treated like a princess, He's crazy about them both. He wants someone to put forth the time, work, and love into helping them be part of His healthy family. My niece has lots of people who are family-loving her. The Malay Thai girl has possibly never been family-loved in her life.  
As He tells me day after day how much I mean to Him, I'm getting to understand how much the Malay Thai girl means to Him. And how much my niece means to Him. He wants me to love them all like family; 
rightly, purely, unconditionally.    

If everyone was getting loved like God wanted, there wouldn't be sex for sale. There'd just be family. 

For the next few weeks, I get to keep learning about family love as I experience it right here in my home country. Then, I'm going to a mission training school in Mozambique, Africa for two months where I'll learn about sharing family love. 

Then, I'm moving back to Hong Kong where I'll get to spread this family love all around the red light districts. 

If you want to help spread God's family love in Hong Kong, you may partner with me through prayer or finances here. Thank you. 

“Love one another as I have loved you.”
John 13:34