Saturday, February 13, 2016

Why I'm 28, never been kissed, and happy as can be

He walks like a warrior and laughs like a little kid. 

The greatest event since the beginning of time; 

The Maker of all things became a Man. 
The Maker of all things became a Man. 
The Maker of all things became a Man. 

He came to the broken human beings He longs for so He could show them who He is. When they see who He is, they don't stay broken.

He's a hard worker. He likes giving favor to wounded people. He loves hanging out with me at my desk and teaching me about His Character. He likes when I lay before Him and still my mind so He can fill it. He enjoys helping me become more like Him. He's so patient. So patient. He's got several names, one of my favorites is Emmanuel, which means He's always going to be with me. He's super invested in me and never gets bored with my stories. He doesn't even get mad at my mistakes. Lonely people don't stay lonely when they make friends with Him. I like how He finds us stuck in lust and perversion then helps us get unstuck and free. I enjoy how He enjoys when I pay attention to Him. I appreciate His joy. He's so generous. 

I love everything about Him. 

 He's still a Man. He's still beautiful. He's still longing for all of us to look at Him. It's not easy to turn my mind towards the God I've never seen and keep it there. But it's the best thing I can ever do with my mind. He isn't my imaginary friend, He's a real Man on a real Throne and His real spirit is inside of me.

At this point in my life, all I want to do is look at Jesus. 
 But it wasn't always this way. From about age 14 to mid-twenties, all I wanted to do was have a boyfriend who would quickly turn into a husband. 

"When that day comes, the day I get a man of my very own to have and to hold, then my life will be complete. I'll have the best that life has to offer."

So went my thinking for over ten years.  

But I prayed, He answered, and over the years, He has changed the priorities in my heart. Now, at age 28, I can say, without pretending, 
I want to see you more than I want anything else. You are the best that life has to offer."

When you get alone and honest, take a long hard look at your desires. If there are a few in front of "Look at the God who created me to love me," then, 
1. don't panic
2. don't beat yourself up
3. tell Him you're sorry
4. ask Him to help you want Him more

He wants to show us what He looks like. And He's a sight to behold!

The angels have been looking at Him for like, millions and billions and jillions of years, and these advanced beings still aren't tired of what they see. I am 28, never been kissed, and happy as can be, because I get to look at Jesus. 

Whether you're married, single, divorced, un-employed, athletic, happy, confused; Jesus wants you to get to know Him better than you ever have. He wants you to see Him.
 It's not complicated and we're all invited. 

"Jesus, I want to know You. Take the desire I have for you and make it grow."

He is the Superior Pleasure.  

"In the end, 
I'm in it for the Man. 
There really is no one like Him."
-Laura Hackett Park