Sunday, November 15, 2015

When Heaven sends us a friend

I really did think she was an angel. But I asked her and she said she wasn't. Angels don't lie so I have to believe her.

Her name is Kelley Jean but I call her Roo. That's code name for hero. I'd only known her for less than two months when I decided she was my hero so I gave her a nickname to go with that status. 

Have you ever known a someone who made you want God more than you've ever wanted Him? The way Roo loves God has made me remember all over again how sweet it is to love Him. God wanted to dig His relationship with me deeper, so He sent me a hero friend with a shovel. 

She's a missionary in Hong Kong who is getting to love some of God's favorites who are needing a way out of darkness. 

I don't have the right words to tell what her friendship has done for me. I do, however, know of a few of the life-changing lessons she's taught me. Here they are:

•God is fond of me. I kind of knew that before but I never gave Him time to tell me. Roo taught me to give Him time. I like experiencing more of His love.

•God likes when I take pauses.

•I was believing some lies about myself, God sent some awesome lie-killing Words to Roo & she spoke them to me. 

•She's reminded me that this One we're serving is worthy of everything we have. Everything. 

•Revival; she's reminded me to pray for it. God wants it and God sends it. 

Plus, there's all the other nice stuff she's always doing for me. 

Like how she gave me her favorite 900+ songs from her music collection. Then she deleted those 900+ favorite songs from her iTunes. She's amazing generous and amazing honest (amazing fair to music artists). 

Plus, there's the fact that she's a load of fun and we have a downright good time together. 

God knows how to bring us people who will shape us like He wants us shaped. I like that.

Let's thank Him for the Roo's He has brought us and let's ask Him to make us a Roo in someone else's life.

"I think life is about conversation with God. Its about being aware of Him and His thoughts. Its about hearing His beautiful words in our hearts that we would know what to ask for and we will know what to do.
I actually think our lives should be an open dialogue where He can always talk to us."
-Kelley Jean 

p.s. Happy birthday, Roo.