Sunday, November 29, 2015

family and friendship (words summing up three weeks in Nepal)

November 26, 2015 
12:30 pm
 I'm in Nepal with this happy little baby named Maryanna sitting on my lap. Maryanna and I are sitting on the couch in a house where 18 kids live. The mom and dad of the household have recently been added to my heroes list.

Nepal has a bunch of amazing people in it. The Christians I've been able to hangout with for the past three weeks have given me a clear view of the part of God's Heart called, "I LOVE FAMILY AND FRIENDSHIP." Since this part takes up all of His Heart, it's good to have a clear view of it. 

These heroic couples I'm now friends with are in ever-growing families. They have adopted so many children I can't keep track. Their children are not brought in as new members of a "children's home" or an "orphanage," but they're brought in as new members of a family. They're sons and daughters, not orphans. Some children were abandoned by their moms in the hospital, some were rescued from the streets, some are biological, but all are treated the same; like family.

God loves adoption. He's all about it. He keeps reminding me of that during my days in Nepal. He's adopted me! And He treats me no differently than He treats Jesus. Wow.

Januka is a girl I spent an afternoon with. Wings International did an outreach with kids who live on the streets in Kathmandu; we fed them, played with them, and told them about Jesus. Januka came drunk and beat up. She's 20, married, has a baby, loves dancing, and lives on the streets. As we held hands, danced, and sat together, I listened to God's heart beating in His chest. His affections are fixed on Januka. He sees the bruises on her face, He smells the liquor on her breath, and He sees the damage done to her heart. All He wants to do is fix the damage and hold every Januka in the world. He wants us, His representatives, to show everyone family and friendship love. 

November 29, 2015
2:58 am
 flight back to Hong Kong 

The Nepali woman next to me on this flight is eating some foul-smelling curry concoction that I hope she finishes soon.

After three weeks in Nepal with Wings, I'm summing up what God has taught me into these five lessons;
1) move at His pace
God's not in a hurry. He likes when people just sit with each other.
2) share
God's not stingy. He likes it when His people aren't either. We gave a boy who lives on the streets a couple pieces of candy. He turned around and gave me one of them. That's what everyone around here is like; generous. 
3) love everyone like family
God, since the beginning of the beginning, has wanted a family. He likes when His kids treat each other like family and His followers in Nepal are doing it.
4) He loves me
God is quite fond of me. He loves telling me that.
5) I should be careful with what I put in my mouth
I had a fun day of diarrhea, vomiting, fever, and allergies. All mixed together. We should be careful what we eat when we're in Nepal. 

I feel like I need to tell every Nepali Christian I met, "thank you." Seriously, God's got some really remarkable people over here who are loving like crazy. 

Wings is doing some great things in this country. They're providing a stable new home for boys who've lived on the streets for years, they're supporting homes full of God's children, they're helping a lot of kids know the comfort of Jesus' Arms. If you want to be a part of any of this, you can pray or give

Thanks. I love you guys.