Sunday, October 18, 2015

God's not mad at you; He's blowing you kisses

"I'm bad, God's mad."
-a big fat lie

God has emotions and a heart that feels. I've wasted some time thinking wrongly about God's feelings. If we're picturing Him with a ticked off face, a cruel pointing finger, or with a real bummed disappointed expression, we've got the wrong idea about Him. 

God was mad at sin once, but He's not mad at sin anymore. Jesus absorbed all our sin, all our failure, and God's anger towards it all. So God isn't mad anymore. 

He's not mad at you, He's not mad at me. 

Good News, eh? 

During the past four months I've spent in the grand land of Hong Kong, God's been talking to me about the thoughts that He's thinking about me, the emotions He's feelings for me, and His attitude towards me. I've been surprised. 

Things I thought I needed to strive for years to achieve, God has already given me freely. I've been wanting Him to see me as a great missionary, a great lover of people, a great friend to Him, and quite a few other greats. I figured I'd strive for the next several decades to become these things and get closer, but still miss the mark. God has shocked me.
He's been telling me that He already sees me as all these things. 

He's ALREADY proud of me!
He's not mad, He's proud!

I'm telling you this because I believe He's got a similar message for you. Have you put your life in Jesus' Hands (are you a Christian)? If so, then you're already covered in the most beautiful righteousness that He bought for you. 
You're already holy. 
You're already His favorite.
God's already fond of you.

He won't love you more when you lose weight, get more humble, become a better wife, help more people, kick the porn habit, or work harder. 

He loves you absolutely and completely right this very second.

Yes yes, we all have room to grow and we certainly shouldn't lay down and say "I'm done seeking God because I've already arrived." But there's a nice balance between the two. 

I'd say it's like we know God loves us 100% right this second and is totally proud of us. All the room we still have to grow (our weaknesses and shortcomings) are all covered in His grace. This make-you-stand-in-awe kind of love He's showing us makes us want to get closer to Him than we've ever been. Getting closer to Him looks like talking to Him (prayer), reading His Words He wrote to us (the Bible), and loving the people He made. As we do these things, whether we realize it or not, we're becoming more like Him and "getting better." But it's fun because we're in love and we know His Love isn't going anywhere, even if we stopped. So it's less like "striving" and more like "I'm being adored by the King of Heaven and I want to look at Him."

Here's what I'd encourage you to do:
Ask God something like this,
"God, what are Your feelings for me?"

He likes to say things like "pleasure, fondness, delight."

Get quiet and listen. Make sure what you're hearing matches what the Bible says (He's in love with us). 

This type of question is one I've been asking Him recently and it's really doing a lot for my relationship with Him. 
"Beautiful one" is something He really likes to call me.
(Song of Solomon is a good place to read to find out more about God's emotions)

He's not the God who yells! He's the God who woos us with His Love! Yeah!

p.s. I'm flying to Burma today with my Wings friends! We're going to visit about 60 kids whom God has adopted into His family. Pray for His Love to be expressed, felt, and embraced all week long! thanks.