Monday, September 14, 2015

Staring at God's Heart

Here lately I've been picturing this: 
A beautiful Man who is shining brighter than the Sun, with His arms wrapped tightly around me. I'm standing up on His Feet and laying my head on His Chest. He's holding me so close and He's smiling because we're together. Being together with a human being always makes Him smile. 

When I'm letting Him hold me so closely, I can hear His heart beating in His chest. But I don't just hear it; I see it, I feel it, I know it.  

I have the clearest view of God's Heart when I'm around the broken, the sick, the poor, the sinful. The closer I get to people who are in great need, the more I get to know the love that is in my Father God's Heart(Romans 5:8). 

Over the past few weeks, I've been reviewing my history with Jesus; the people and events that have shaped our relationship. 
You know who shows up over and over? The broken.
The friends I've made with the dying in nursing homes, the people who didn't know Jesus and were lost, orphans who had head lice and slept on floors; these friends are playing keys roles in my walk with Jesus. They have, in fact, helped shape my walk with Jesus. These are the ones who've shown me what God's Heart looks like. 

As I'm living in Hong Kong right now, God is letting me make friends with His daughters who are having sex for money. If you remember, God was always championing prostitutes in the Bible. And He hasn't changed (Rahab, the sinful woman who anointed Jesusthe sinful woman He rescued). As I get to hangout with these new friends, it's kind of like God is saying, 
"Look here, Abbie. Here is what my heart looks like. 
Notice it. 
Hold on to it. 
Embrace it.
 Let it change you." 

And I say, 
"Ok, God."

Kind, gentle, compassionate, focused, patient, wise, strong, unchanging, beautiful, and completely given to us:
that's what I'm finding His Heart to be like. 

Spending time with these daughters of His is teaching me about how good His Heart is. He wants goodness and only goodness for them, so He is quite bothered by the darkness that's causing all sorts of bad for them. And His good Heart is aimed to change it. He loves rescuing people out of the dark and bad, then placing them in the middle of light and good (in His Arms). 

I'd encourage you to go hangout with somebody who has a lot of need. You won't have to look far. 
Listen to them, see them, and maybe share a meal with them. You'll be staring at God's Heart. 

"The Son of Man came to seek and to save those who are lost."
Luke 19:10