Friday, May 15, 2015


I used to think that I would someday arrive at "it"- this big "ta-da!-you're here!" moment. But then I realized that life doesn't work like that. Life is made up of the spaces in the hallways- getting from point A to point B. It's this pretty journey where we get a lot of time in between our "destinations" to live our lives, writing our stories. Today, May 15, 2015, I'm here. I'm right in the middle of my story, not waiting for the "big moment," but knowing that I'm already right in the middle of the "big moment!" This is it! My life! Today!

I'm moving to Hong Kong in June to start a new missions adventure, loving new people and learning new things. I'm oh-so-excited for that adventure, but I'm equally oh-so-excited about the next four weeks I get to spend right here in Southern Illinois, on the farm I grew up on. The decisions I make during these next four weeks play just as much influence on my life's story as the decisions I'll make during four weeks in Hong Kong. The things I'm doing today matter the same amount as the things I'll be doing in Southeast Asia. TODAY COUNTS! 

If a man thinks his life will reach the "ta-da!-you're here!" moment when he finds himself a trophy wife, how sorely disappointed he shall be in his post-wedding days. 
The same may be said for the single ladies who are waiting for life to begin when they find themselves a fella to marry, or the man waiting for a job to finally pay him enough, or the girl waiting to finally have kids, or the dreamer waiting for that big dream to finally come true. 
While they wait, their lives are being lived, their stories are being written.  

Now, of course, there are things that are necessary to wait for in life, and waiting does awesome stuff for us (like teaches us patience, perseverance, and that kinda thing). And there are definitely dreams that we need to be dreaming! But let us just not make the mistake of thinking something like this: 
"The quality of my life is pretty low right now, but that will change once this waiting is over." 
No, no, no! That sort of thinking is wasting our days. Our lives right now can be just as fabulous as our lives after the dream has come true and the waiting has come to an end.

The quality of life we choose to live in the waiting is the quality of life we'll have overall, when the whole journey is over. 

How I live today says a lot about how my entire life will be lived. 

Did I sacrifice for someone today? 
Was I generous today? 
Did I spend quality time with people I love today? 
Did I talk to Jesus today? 
Did I read the Bible today? 
Did I put God first today? 
Did I have fun today?
Did I make people feel like they mattered today?

My answers for these questions at the end of my day are most likely going to be the same answers I have about my life when it's come to an end.

If you live a lot of your days in a bad mood, you know what? Then you're going to live your life in a bad mood.
 Cheer up, buttercup! Today counts!
The next 24 hours are very valuable. Some people won't get to live through them. But you, reading this, most likely will. Do you know what God wants you to do with the next 24 hours? He wants you to get ahold of this life He's given you and bear-hug it! He wants you to be aware of His Love for you throughout every single hour! And then He wants you to go live like you are outrageously loved by the big wonderful Being who paints the sunset every night! Because you are. 

I've got a pretty good idea of what I want my whole life to look like. I want my life to be selfless, overflowing with love, super duper generous, kind, friendly, fun, adventuresome, inspiring, full of people, full of healthy relationships, full of learning, thoughtful,
 and all all all about Jesus, my Savior and Friend. 
 So I'm going to go live today accordingly. 

"While you're figuring out what God wants you to do next - go love everybody."
-Bob Goff