Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I'm moving to Hong Kong

Everything isn't okay. 
The worst thing I could do is pretend that it is. 

At this very moment, there are little girls getting raped. 
There are kids without moms and dads who are begging strangers to give them something to eat. 
And the worst of all worsts, 
there are people breathing their last breaths without knowing Jesus Christ. 

Everything isn't okay. 
If you and I don't do something about it, who will?

God has asked you and I to do whatever we can to help make things better. What He asks of me will look different than what He asks of you, but He will be asking us both to help however we can.
 He has different help-human-beings-on-the-globe agendas for all of us. 

 Wings International is a ministry that is doing a good job helping human beings on the globe. Based in Hong Kong, it helps underprivileged and orphaned children in Southeast Asia, supports and encourages their caretakers, and makes Jesus known.

God has opened the door for me to serve Jesus with Wings International this year. In the middle of June, I will move to Hong Kong for six months.

Things aren't okay in Southeast Asia, but God is in the business of making wrong things right. He takes rotten little nobodies like me, stamps them with His very own righteousness, and invites them to spread His beauty all around. 

I love His mercy.

 Wings supports children's homes in Nepal, Thailand, Burma, India, and soon, mainland China. My heart is tied to a couple different ministries in India, Burma, and Thailand. I will get to visit all of these same places, except with a wise and God-fearing travel companion! 
(Jesus sent them out 2x2 after all) 
AND I will get to go to children's homes in Nepal, India, and China which I've never been to. Yes!

I met the lady who started Wings International, Becky, in 2013 when we were both serving Life Impact International in Thailand. We liked each other. God has encouraged us to do more loving-on-Asia together, so we're going to. Last year, I asked God a few specific things about missions. I asked Him to bring me someone to travel with (Jesus sent them out 2x2 after all), and I told Him I would appreciate it if He would give me some clear direction, like someone telling me, "Be a missionary here, doing this."
He answered both of these requests with Wings International. 

In five southeast Asian countries, we will help meet children's physical needs, teach them about Jesus, encourage their caretakers and pastors, preach the Gospel to people who have never heard it, help women who are trapped in the sex industry in Hong Kong, and let Love Himself do anything with us He wants.  For six months this year, I get to be in the middle of the beautiful thing He's doing in Southeast Asia.  
(He's making wrong things right!)

I will live with Becky in Hong Kong, serving the local church there, helping sexually exploited women, praying, and doing whatever she'd like me to do. Every 1-2 months, we will fly to one of the children's homes that Wings supports in Southeast Asia. Flying from Hong Kong to any Southeast Asian country is like flying within the U.S., so I will be able to easily get from one home to the next without having to spend a jillion dollars on a plane ticket. 

I'm so pumped. 

I realize it's only January. 
Louisville, KY will continue being my place of residence until April. Daylight Church, the reason for my stay in Louisville, is going great. People are getting to know God and learning how to live life surrendered to Him. 
He's pleased.  
My stay here has been wonderful and deserves a blog post of its own at a later date.   
I'll continue doing whatever I can to help Daylight until April, and then move back to my parents' for two months to get prepped for the journey across the ocean. 
Getting prepped looks like this:
learn how to drive a manual car, hangout with my parents a lot, take a class at my church to learn about some things I need to learn about, and speak about my trip to any person or church that wants to hear about it. 
Oh, and raise $10,000. 

Let's do this, Jesus.