Sunday, December 21, 2014

my best Friend's grand entrance

It was an illegitimate pregnancy and the neighbors were talking. 
When it came time to deliver the baby, there were no hospitals close by. 
My best Friend was born without a doctor around.
His 13 year-old unmarried mother didn't have any pain medication, nor did she have a comfortable, sanitized bed to lay Him in after the painful delivery. 
His mom was young, inexperienced, and scared, spending her first night with her first born child in a barn. A barn that stunk just like barns do. Her mom wasn't around to give her tips on breast feeding, burping, or how to wrap His blanket properly. But my best Friend was completely dependent on this 13 year-old girl. 
He chose for it to be that way. 

He chose a barn to be the place of His grand entrance, 
and an animal bus tub as His first bed. 
He chose a 13 year-old Jewish girl to raise Him. 
He chose to work with His middle eastern Hands as a Carpenter, sweating in the sunshine that He created. 
He chose nobody-fishermen, dirty women, and crooked thieves to be His closest friends. 

We're never going to be able to wrap our minds around the humility of Jesus. 

I'm a waitress and the worst part of my job is the bus tub.
Inside of the bus tub is chewed-on-food, gross and drank-out-of beverages, used napkins, and straws with lipstick and slobber on them. 
Human beings are gross, and food that they've gnawed on is grosser. Having to stick my precious hands into their soggy food mess which has collected into the bus tub is something that I don't enjoy in any sort of way. 

If I had a newborn baby, I would keep him far away from the bus tub. 

The God who spoke Jupiter into existence, picked out the colors of tonight's sunset, and invented human beings,
entered into humanity's scene in a feeding trough. 
An animal bus tub.
In a barn. 

He could've came in any way, as anything He wanted, 
but He came as a helpless baby into the arms of an unmarried 13 year-old girl who put Him in a feeding trough. 

Why come at all?

Because He wanted you and He wanted me. 
And He knew He could never have us with all our sin in the way. 
So He entered into humanity in the most humble of ways, lived the most humble of lives, and let those He loved nail Him to a splintery Cross. 
Because He wanted you and He wanted me. 

I love Christmas. 

"The One who spoke the universe into existence, who reigns over the nations, who commands history, who created you and me in His own image chose to be laid in a box where animals ate grain. The One who formed galaxies and molded the earth suckled the breasts of a thirteen year-old unwed Jewish girl in a small village of a backwater province of the Roman Empire."

-Preston Sprinkle, 
God's Scandalous Grace for Us