Thursday, October 16, 2014

unashamed (totally and completely)

Jesus gets down on eye level with the nasty sinner, puts His big scarred hand under their chin, lifts their head up, and says, 
"You have nothing to be ashamed of."

They feel even more shame, having Someone so holy look at them, and they try to put their head back down, they try to leave Him so they can hide and cry and woller in their shame, but He won't let them. 
"You have nothing to be ashamed of,"
He says again. 

They look up at Him, tears in their eyes, and say, 
"How can You say that? I have so much to be ashamed of. You see it all, and You KNOW I do. Look at what I've done! 
Look at what I keep doing!"
(They're a selfish, perverted, manipulating, hypocritical, lying thief)

He smiles at the object of His affection, 
He removes His Hand from under their chin and holds it up in front of them. 
There is a hole in the middle.
There is a hole in the middle from the nail that drove their shame into a Cross. 
The nasty sinner looks through that hole and suddenly doesn't feel nasty anymore. 
They start to look around for all that shame that had once covered them, filled them, went everywhere with them. 
They can't find it! 
Not even an ounce of shame is anywhere to be found. 

Jesus gets down on eye level with the object of His affection, puts His big scarred hand under their chin, lifts their head up to see Him, and says, 
"You have nothing to be ashamed of."

And now I, the sinful one, get to look up at God and smile like an innocent child.

I know the Shame-Eraser. 
There is no shame that He cannot erase. 

Shame is made and produced in Hell, then covered in the most Heavenly-looking imitation makeup that Hell has to offer, and dumped all over God's people who will be deceived by it. 

The makeup looks like this;

"I'm the only person who is this bad."

"If church people knew what I was really like, they'd banish me from their church and hate me."

"God is disappointed in me. He's disgusted at how many times I've failed in the same way."

"It's great that my sin is forgiven, and I know it is, but I'm still going to feel guilty for it the rest of my life, as I should."

But the King of Heaven was murdered to erase sin, erase death, and erase shame. 

When He forgives a sinner, He really forgives a sinner. 
When He forgives a Christian who makes some sinful mistakes, 
He really forgives a Christian who makes some sinful mistakes.

My "things-to-be-miserably-ashamed-of" list is long. 
Really long. 
Long enough to make me keep my head tucked down and cheeks red for the rest of my life. 
But when Hell tries to pull that list out & hold it in front of my face, Hell has trouble finding the list.  
The Shame-Eraser has erased it. 

He's not ashamed of my sin because it's all gone. 
It's not here anymore. 

And now what I get to do is live the rest of my life unashamed. 
Totally and completely unashamed.

I'd encourage you to get alone, think about that big scarred Hand with a hole in the middle, and say out loud,
"Jesus is not ashamed of me."
Because He's not. 

*These "unashamed" thoughts were inspired by H.L. Hussmann's message at Daylight Church on Oct. 5, 2014