Wednesday, October 22, 2014

lips, muscles, and the desire to be desired

One of the horrid things of getting heartbroken is to know that someone who knew so much about you would be able to just move on and get over you. 
We all want to be

"After you find out so much about me, let me love you, see what I'm truly like in my heart, you're never ever going to be able to move on. You will never get over me as long as you live."

But the fact is, 
we are all get-over-able. 

Divorce, teenage breakups, getting fired, disappointing someone you love when you were trying your best, a friend deciding they don't really want to be your friend anymore, and on and on the heartbroken list goes. 

Rejection sucks, huh? 
We're all on both sides of the heartbreak problem. 
I've been the heartbreaker and I've been the heartbroken and so have you. 
Every one of us is guilty of rejecting another human being who is trying their best, and every one of us has been rejected when trying our best. 
It's painful, it's awful, it's life. 

So what do we do? 

Take more pictures of ourselves with lots of makeup on, seducing the camera with our luscious puckered up lips?
Spend more hours in the gym and buy tighter t-shirts to show off our (almost) perfectly sculpted bodies?
Take out a bigger loan to buy a sweeter car?

What if there was a Being who would look us in the eye and say, 
"You are un-get-over-able,"
and what if that Being wasn't lying?

What if His desire for us had nothing to do with the size of our lips, muscles, or bank accounts?

What if there really was a Someone who said from the bottom of His honest heart, 
"I will never be able to get over you," 
and meant it?

Well, friends, I've got Good News. 
There is such a Being and He has said it and His heart is honest. 

If 7 billion people get to know me, then move on and leave me, there is a Jewish Man who is seated on a throne in Heaven who whispers to my wandering heart, 
"I will never get over you."
As far as desires go, His trump any desire that any man has ever had. And who is He desiring with all of that desire?

Learning that (it's a lifelong discovery process--learning this Being's unfathomable desire), will change everything about you. 
You'll find yourself caring less about how perfect pretty people think you are, how ripped up tough the guys at the gym say you are, how loaded rich all the neighbors think you are, 
and you'll start caring a lot more about getting a clearer understanding of the way God is looking at you. 

"On one level or another, we all desire to be loved--to be considered beautiful in the eyes of another. Girls wear nice clothes that accentuate their bodies or hide any defects they think they have. They put on makeup, perfume, and lotion to make their appearance more appealing. Guys go to the gym, buy a car they can't afford, and advertise their success to garner attention. We are a generation of lovers who long to be loved. We spend exorbitant amounts of money to compel others to delight in us. We construct out ideal life on Facebook because we are unsatisfied with our real life, which is tainted with boredom, loneliness, insecurity and a lack of friends and followers. We do not enjoy the person God created us to be or the life God has gifted us with. We think we are overweight, underweight, too pale, too dark, too plain, or just plain boring. Yet we crave to be delighted in by a significant other. So we pursue misguided avenues to make ourselves delightful, to satisfy our craving to be loved."
-Preston Sprinkle, 
Charis: God's Scandalous Grace for Us

Know that right now, today, this moment, despite your weight, your acne, your cellulite, your selfishness, your bad breath, your unfaithfulness, your debt, your unforgiveness, your stutter, your unbelief, your laziness,
you are fully desired by the Jewish Man who paid for the sins of the world with His Blood.