Tuesday, October 28, 2014

for days when you hate people

I spent yesterday hating people. 
When alone with God, I would whisper with a broken heart, 
"I hate people, God. All of them. Help me."

Over and over I saw the nasty selfishness that is buried inside of the human heart and over and over it disgusted me. 

The condition of the human heart is disgusting 
and you can't deny it. 

Go ahead and tell me that you're different, that you aren't selfish at the very core of who you are, that you prefer others above yourself 100% of the time. 
Then I'll go ahead and tell you that you are a liar. 
Because you are. 

Not only are you a liar, 
but you're lazy, you're perverted, you're manipulating, you're selfish, and you're mean (to only name a few). 

And so am I. 

To fully grasp the Gospel, we've got to fully grasp the seriousness of sin. 

"Oh it's fine! People are really good at the core of who they are. We're all ok!"
This is a popular way of thinking and it's a big fat lie. 

People are really good at the core of who they are? 
They're not. 
How would you like to have your thoughts from the past three days turned into a movie and played on the big screen at the local movie theatre? 
Think you'd have many friends after they watched your "good" mind at work for three days?

We're all rotten. 

So, in case you ever have a day like mine yesterday, I want to tell you about the only Place to find hope in the middle of a world full of rotten human beings. 

When staring humanity in the face and seeing its corrupted wicked heart so clearly, the only hopeful Place to turn your gaze is to the only Man who ever lived differently. 
He's the only one who has done it right!
From the start to the finish of His life, Jesus Christ fought against selfishness and He won. 
He did it!
He didn't lie, 
He didn't manipulate, 
He didn't lust, 
He wasn't lazy, 
He was only good, for 33 years, good was all He was. 
And He is asking me to look at Him. 
This good Man wants my attention. 

As I march through the rest of my life, surrounded by these 
self-absorbed human beings, with a self-absorbed heart of my own,  I choose to put my focus on the Man who isn't self-absorbed. 
The Man who did it right,
the Man whom they murdered, 
and the Man who defeated death, and defeated the sin that has entangled all of our self-absorbed hearts. 
And now, this different Man is looking at all of us--even the redeemed, who are still a bit selfish, conceited, lazy--
 and He is not seeing those things, but seeing HIS very own righteousness. 
My my my. 
What an exchange. 

Oh how we all need the Cross. 

I never get Heaven without Him. 

I'm way too corrupt. 
But with Him, my record is as clean as His. 
My my my. 

As we look at Him, the only Place we'll find Hope, 
He starts to make us look less like our selfish selves and more like His absolutely unselfish self.
(and then He helps us not to hate people)

I'm so thankful for forgiveness. 
I'm so thankful that He keeps loving me. 
I'm so thankful that He shares He perfectly clean record with me.
I'm so thankful that He's patient. 
I'm so thankful that He doesn't leave us the same. 

Romans 3:23
All have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God. 

2 Corinthians 5:21
God made Him who knew no sin to become sin on our behalf that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.