Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I'm on a honeymoon

Relationships need work. 

Maybe you've noticed thus far in your life that if you don't work on a relationship, it disintegrates into a 

The best kind of relationships deserve to be focused on and sacrificed for. 
Take a look at an old couple who has been happily married for 65 years. Ask them how much focusing and sacrificing they've done in the past 65 years. A ton. That's what they'll tell you.  

The very best relationship I've ever been in deserves the MOST focusing and the MOST sacrificing. 
But sometimes I give it next-to-none. 
This relationship that far surpasses all others I've ever been in is the one between me and the Source of Love Himself. 
(the Inventor of the trees, the Shaper of my heart, the Creator of my imagination, the friendly King of Heaven who became a man) 

I'm in love with a Man whom I've never seen. 
There are so many men and clothes and friends that I CAN see, that it's kind of super hard to stay focused on this invisible Man who's physical home is in Heaven.
If I'm not careful, my affections slip from this Man, whom all life comes from, to silly nonsense things here on earth. 

So sometimes (a lot of times) it's important to lay some things down to get your focus back to where it needs to be. 
TV, social media, food, BFs and GFs, phones, video games--
 things that may be healthy for your heart to set aside sometimes. These things want my attention, want my heart, but they're so temporary and so unimportant. 

The freshly married among us go on honeymoons. 
On a honeymoon, the freshly married man and woman are concerned with one thing -- the person they just married. 
They are totally and completely absorbed with one another.
If a marriage deserves a honeymoon (and anniversary dates and vacations and candlelight dinners and lots of alone time and presents and compliments and other stuff) to keep it healthy and going, then certainly certainly this relationship I'm in with Jesus deserves these same sort of things to keep it healthy and going. 

The first time I flew across the ocean by myself, I lived in an orphanage in India for two months. 
I was the only fluent English speaker, the only person around with white skin, the only a lot of things, really. 
I didn't have my parents there.
I didn't have wifi there.
I didn't have my American friends there.
I didn't have a lot of things there, really. 

"I feel like I'm on a honeymoon with my Maker."

I remember thinking that sentence a lot. 
And it was wonderful. 
Me and Him grew closer.
He was the only close companion I had for two months. 
I left India all wrapped up in His Love. 

But when I'm in the USA, a honeymoon-with-my-Maker-lifestyle doesn't come quite so easily. I have to say "no" to so many other lovers.

It's fine and dandy to say "I love you" but it's so much finer and dandier to live "I love you" with your life. 
I want every choice I make to say "I love You" to Jesus. 
Me and Him
That's the thing that matters more than any other thing in all of my life. 
You and Him
That's the thing that matters more than any other thing in all of your life. 

The friendship He offers me is unmatched in both the heavens and the earth. There is no equal to His companionship. 

If ever a relationship has deserved some focusing and some sacrificing, it's this one I'm in with God. 

I want to live my life like I'm on a honeymoon with my Maker. 

"His primary concern is restoring relationships--between us and Him and between us and each other."

"At some point we gotta cut those strings and say, 'I'm only controlled by Jesus.'"