Monday, August 4, 2014


I want to be a sycamore tree. 

The story of a short, sinful little man named Zacchaeus is my favorite story in the Bible. 

Found in Luke 19, this story, from start to finish, paints the picture of what Jesus is like and what He wants to do. 

He's personal, He's forgiving, and He wants to be close. 
That story in Luke 19 wasn't a one-time event when Jesus was feeling extra personal and extra forgiving. Jesus' Heart is constant and without a break over the centuries, He has continued to find sinners, call out those sinners' names, come over to their houses, and change everything about them with His Love. 

For Zacchaeus, it meant Jesus walked over to the base of a sycamore tree where the little sinful man was trying to get a look at Him. As always, Jesus knew him, wanted him, and did what it took to change him. 

In that story, the sycamore tree is the thing I want to be. 
It stood there, strong and un-disgusted by Zacchaeus' sin, and it gave him a view of the Son of God that would change his life forever. 

I want to be a sycamore tree for my co-workers in Louisville, KY, orphans in India, rescued human trafficking victims in Thailand, and the lost everywhere in between. 

Right now, I especially want to be a sycamore tree for the 
2.9 billion people in the world who have never heard of the God who loves and His Son who paid for sins. 

In Matthew 24:14, this is what Jesus said-

"And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come."

I want Jesus to come.
That's why I want to preach the Gospel. 
When we preach the Gospel, we speed up the day of the Lord's return. 
(He's gonna make all wrong things right)

So I've launched a website.
It's just about my life and what God's doing with it.
On the site, you can read about how to be a sycamore tree, buy a sycamore cd, support other people who are changing the world, hear the Gospel, and support me while I travel. 

 I'm not the only one He wants to be a Sycamore tree, but He wants every Christian, everywhere, to clear up sinners' views of the Son of God. 
You, me, all of us. 

I recently recorded a cd full of homemade melodies that had collected in my heart over the years. It's called "Sycamore" and it's simple and folky and aimed at helping us all see Jesus. 

On July 27, my friends came over to the farm I grew up on and we had a cd celebration party. The cd went up for sale, my mom made homemade icecream, my sister made homemade cookies, my dad set straw out for my friends to sit on, and God smiled. 
It was just the best time. 

Jesus really does love you. 
He really does want you to let Him come to where you are and get close. 
Then He wants you to help others get close to Him, too. 

Let's be sycamore trees!