Sunday, August 24, 2014

I'm alive! And I'll never get tired of saying it

This morning I woke up. 
I looked in the mirror and saw my scarred face, funny shaped lips, fake teeth, and I smiled.

This morning I woke up.  

August 25, 2012 almost ended my life, but it didn't.
And today, August 25, 2014, I'm celebrating God's mercy. 

I'm alive!

Two years ago today I was laying in the ICU of a hospital in Bangkok, Thailand on life support with a feeding tube down my throat, a bloodied bruised face, a swollen bleeding brain, and a fractured skull.
My pastor, my parents, orphans in India, missionaries in Thailand, and loved ones and strangers in the USA were talking to God for me.
They were asking Him to help me.
God listened.
God remembered that His Son was battered, bruised, and nailed to a Cross so that I could go free.
Because Jesus paid for my forgiveness and my healing in full,
He gave me what He paid for.
Now here I am,
walking around with a brain that works.
In the Bible, over and over again people forgot what God had done for them and this forgetting caused big problems. 
The Israelites forgot how God freed them from slavery in Egypt, miraculously parted a sea so they could cross it on dry land, and literally rained down food from Heaven every day (except Sundays) for 40 years.

I refuse to forget what God has done for me. 
Letting me live past August 25, 2012 is just one of His many kind, kind acts towards me. 
I want to remember them all. 

Today is a good day to recall the times that could've ended up horribly for you, but didn't, because God was taking care of you.

I walked off that airplane 25 pounds lighter, missing a couple teeth, and a bit confused. 
But I walked off that airplane.  

“Miracles are a retelling in small letters of the very same story which is written across the whole world in letters too large for some of us to see.”
-C.S. Lewis