Saturday, August 16, 2014

amazed by life

I have these thin patches of skin that are the exact just-right size needed to cover my eyeballs. Anytime I want, I can make these patches of skin close down to cover my eyes, and anytime I want, I can open them, and then I can see again. These patches are thin enough and smooth enough on the inside that opening and closing them doesn't hurt my eye at all, even though they're right up against my eyeball. 
And I have a patch for each eye! 

At the bottom of each of these eye-covering skin patches is a row of hair. The hair moves up and down with the skin patches when I choose to make the patches open and close over my eyes. These rows of hair (each eye has them!) fight against any nonsense that would try to make its way into my eyes. And they are pretty successful in keeping the nonsense, like sweat, out of my eyes. 

These rows of hair can be thin and don't have to work too super hard, because above the thin patches of skin is yet another row of hair that is growing much thicker and larger (and doing most of the hard work so the thin rows of hair attached to my skin patches don't have to). This row of hair doesn't move with the patch of skin when I open and close my eyes, but rather holds it's ground directly above the patch of skin, protecting it from rude intruders like sweat and dirt. 

Together, these rows of hair and the thin patches of skin, do a rather fantastic job at protecting my eyes so I can keep seeing year after year. 

The design of the human eye is mind blowing.
And it's just one little part of this body that I'm walking around in every day. This body that is being run by a brain, which can be a brain because about a foot below it, towards the left of the inside of my chest, there is a heart that is working really hard all the time (without stopping!) and pumping blood to the brain and the rest of this body through little-bitty thin canals so I can keep going. And then there are lungs! And bones! And a nose with two holes that can smell! And hands! And ears! And elbows and knees that bend! 

Here's the thing. 
Life is amazing. 
If you get ever get your mind around the human body and the "wow" way it's operating (you won't), then you could spend the rest of your decades trying to grasp that there are an approximate 7.77 million different species of animals, only 14% of which have been discovered.*
And if you ever get your mind around those 7.77 million different types of animals (you won't), you could move onto this big ball that's floating around space in circles. It's spinning in small circles that take 24 hours to complete, and spinning in a large circle around this gigantic flaming ball of fire in the sky, and this large circle takes 365 days to make and we never ever get too close to the flaming ball of fire (which would be the end of all life on the spinning ball).
I'm not even starting to scratch the surface of the "wow" world around us. 
Life is amazing. 
You and I have no excuse to ever ever ever stop saying, "wow."

Want to hear the most amazing thing of all the amazing things?
The One who thought all of this up in His brain, and then used His big powerful Words to speak it all into existence, and shares the life that's inside of Him to keep it all going, 
He wants to hangout with you. 
Oh my gosh. 

Love and the moon and relationships and kids' smiles and turtles that have shells they can hide in and different color skin and oceans that are miles deep and laughter and trees that grow rings in their trunks with each year they're alive and planets that are so far away that no one can get to them and whales and skin that gets wrinkly with age and clouds that float in the sky and kangaroos that hold their babies in a patch on their stomachs. 

This Being thought all this up in His head, made it all, and then said to you and me, 
"Now, let's be together and enjoy it."

My niece is five months old. 
She recently discovered that she can use her hands to grab these soft, nice-sized things located at the very end of her legs and she's pretty wowed by it. 
She is amazed by life and keeps discovering new wonderful things to keep her wowed. 
I don't know at what point in life we stop looking around saying, "wow," but I mean, come on. We have no excuse to ever stop.
Right now, so much is going on to allow you to read these sentences. Light rays are entering your eyes through the cornea and the cornea is bending the light rays in such a way that they are passing freely through your pupils in the center of your irises. After passing through the irises, the light rays are passing through your eye's natural crystalline lens to help you focus the light rays properly. Your retina is capturing all of the light rays, processing them into light impulses through millions of tiny nerve endings, and sending these light impulses through over a million nerve fibers to the optic nerve.* 
Just these sentences alone have enough meat to leave me saying, "wow," for the rest of my life. 

Life is thrilling, and I don't ever want to stop saying, "wow."
The One who invented my lungs which know how to fill up with and then exhale oxygen, is leaning over the balcony of Heaven and calling my name. 

I'm amazed by life. 
"Wake up each day and say, 'Wow.'"
-HL Hussmann, 

*thoughts for this blog were inspired by the message 
"Bored No More" by HL Hussmann at Daylight Church

*86% of all species on land and 91% of those in the seas have yet to be discovered, described or catalogued. - See more at:

* human eye facts -