Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thanks for fighting for me, Mom

One time I went a couple weeks without eating. 
That was because I was laying in a hospital in Bangkok, Thailand with a feeding tube down my throat. 

My mom was in the USA when she received a phone call from Thailand that her youngest daughter had wrecked a motorbike and was unconscious. 

That day, my mom decided that she was going to fast for me until I woke up.* 

When I stopped eating, 
mom stopped eating. 

"I'll eat when Abbie can eat," she said. 
And that's just what she did. 

There aren't too many other people in the world who love me like that.  
Nobody has ever loved me with the kind of love my mom loves me with. 
Nobody has ever fought for me like my mom has fought for me. 

Not only did she stop eating so she could fast and pray for me, but she and my dad boarded a place to Bangkok Thailand.
She and dad sat next to my unconscious body, sucked thick drool out of my swollen, bloody mouth, and prayed. 

After about two weeks went by, mom and I ate solid food. 
(I'm alive!)

Mom decided to make my fight her fight, too. 
She didn't stand on the side with her fingers crossed. 
She came over to where I was, got in the battle with me, and made my war her own. 

That was great news for me, because I couldn't do much for myself. 
I just did a lot of drooling and sleeping while she and others did the fighting for me. 

You're going to be constantly surrounded by people throughout your life who are in the middle of a war and are unable to fight for themselves. The thing God asks you to do is to start fighting for them. 
The addict who doesn't know how to reach freedom, the lukewarm Christian who doesn't know how to find passion, the cold-hearted man who doesn't know how to find warmth for his heart, your unconscious daughter who is drooling all over herself. 
God wants you to fight for them. 

Throughout history, many wars have been fought for the sake of someone else's freedom. 
After trying to remain neutral for two years, the USA finally joined WWI in order to fight for not just America's peace, but the peace of the world. 

That's a God idea, this fighting-other-people's-fights-for-them thing. 

Your wives, your children and your livestock may stay in the land that Moses gave you east of the Jordan, but all your fighting men, ready for battle, must cross over ahead of your fellow Israelites. You are to help them.
Joshua 1:14

That's not the only time in the Bible that God asked someone to go fight for someone else. It's sort of one of the big themes of the Bible, actually.

I want to spend my days not fighting for myself, but fighting for my brothers and sisters in the USA and around the world. 

I want to fight for people like my mom fought for me in 
August 2012. 

Who has fought for you in your life? 

And are YOU on anyone else's
 "people who have fought for me" list?
If not, you can change that today. 
Let's start fighting for each other. 

I joined the war of my brothers
I joined the war of my sisters
I decided to make their war my own

p.s. happy birthday, mom

*if you're unfamiliar with fasting, it's something Christians do to focus more clearly on God and demonstrate that they care more about Him/His Will/His Kingdom than they do whatever it is they're giving up