Saturday, June 14, 2014

why Father's Day doesn't have to be depressing at all

For lots of people, Father's Day is sort of more depressing than joyful.

I'm one of the few who grew up with an amazing dad. 
He's the kind of dad movies are made about & abandoned children spend their lives dreaming of. It's hard for me to imagine what it would be like to not have him. 
All I know is that it would be terrible. 
If you've had a dad who wasn't great at being a dad,
 I'm truly sorry. 

God set up human relationships to teach us about the relationship He wants to have with each of us. Every single type of healthy human relationship is just a small example of what we are made to have with God, set up to reflect His desire for us. Like, the whole point of all these relationships is to show us what God is after with each other one of us. It's like we're in the warm-up stage. We're warming up for eternity, where we will be in the type of relationship with God that is like a vibrant,
 blow-your-mind mixture of these human relationships that we've been learning about. He's gonna be our Lover, our Father, our Friend, our Brother, our God. And here's the thing, this vibrant relationship doesn't have to wait until eternity, but if we so choose, we get to be in it right now.

A really good healthy friendship is a tiny example of the 
life-giving friendship God wants to have with us. It's like He says, "I want these people to understand how I want to be a friend to them, so I'm going let them be friends with each other so they can start to understand this friend side of Me. I want them to understand that I listen, I want to talk, I want to hangout, I want to enjoy their company."

 He gave us marriage so we could start understanding the eternal union He wanted with His people. Earthly marriage is just a small reflection of the beautiful, make-you-stand-in-awe Marriage that God's people are going to get to be in someday when they are forever joined to Jesus as His Bride.  He is the ultimate Husband. The best husbands on the earth are the ones who are learning from the Expert Husband Himself.

He's so willing to teach us about all these different relationships that are representing Him.

He put fathers on the earth to illustrate His Big Father Heart. He wanted to show all the people He made how He wanted to raise them, care for them, hold them, encourage them, and be their dad.  He set up something called a family, with a father to lead it, showing people what He is like and how He wants to love us and lead us.

My dad has always been there for me, loving me the best he knows how. He loves being with me, taking care of me, saying nice things to me, feeding me, teaching me. That's just how God is, except without any flaws at all. He's always there for us, and loves us the best possible way. 
My dad has been this awesome way because he's fulfilling the role that God gave him, in the way God wants him to fulfill it. 
It's God who gave my dad all that care and love and selflessness. 

 God loves being with you, taking care of you, saying nice things to you, and on and on and on.
 He's such a good dad, and He's passionate about being yours. 
You may not get to have a good earthly dad, but you DO get to have the Expert Dad who designed the role of a Father. 
And His Fathership is the very best.

When a child gets a dad that's awful, I think God goes something like this,
"That man messed up. I wanted him to show that child of mine an example of what I'm like as a father, but he's not doing that at all. My desire is for that child to know me as a Dad. I'm going to love them outrageously their whole life long."

God loves His kids more than they understand.
God doesn't leave His kids. Ever.
God helps His kids.
God provides for His kids.
God wants to be close close close to His kids.

But His kids get to choose how close they want to be with Him.

It's a shame that people give God a bad rap. We tend to compare God to the relationships we have, but that's so unfair to Him. He's never been a bad Father. Not even once. But because so many earthly dads have messed up, lots of people have lived thinking God was sorta like the awful men who fathered them.

I want to remind you of how different God is than your dad. This Father's Day, He's celebrating being YOUR Father. 
He loves that role, and He's never had a child like you.

Psalm 68:5
Father of the fatherless and protector of widows is God in his holy habitation.