Saturday, May 31, 2014

why I'm getting wilder

"I bet He'll put a bow tie on me.
And then probably make me go to bed early after making me memorize awfully boring things & hangout with awfully boring people.
And then I'll die, in my bow tie, after having lived an awfully boring life."

Wrong wrong wrong.

If you're thinking the God of the Bible is the God of the awfully boring, you couldn't be more awfully wrong.

Sometimes people have mixed up in their minds what sort of life God is gonna create if they give Him theirs.

Boredom is my chief enemy and I do whatever I can to stay far far from him. I hate him. And want to stab him. Like, if I have to sit in the same spot for too long I start dreaming about amusement parks & India & how I can get to one of those two places fast. And pie. I dream about pie sometimes, too.

Know who else hates boredom? Mine and your Maker. That means when a life is given to Him, He takes it and starts doing very un-boring things with it. 
That's Good News for a girl like me.

If you're the sort of person who likes a wild time, I'm convinced there's no wilder life to live than a life 100% given over to The Lord Jesus Christ. 
And I'm not just saying that. 
I've been close to folks over the years who you were labeled as "wild," meaning they really liked having sex with a variety of people and they really liked not being sober.
I'm certain that if Jesus hadn't got ahold of me when He did, I would have been one of these wild types, because, like I've said, boredom is my enemy. These wild folks seem to not be bored, and that can be appealing. 
But the sort of excitement they're chasing is the slippery kind that just slips away. 
The drugs wear off, the bourbon leaves a headache, & the wild nights become memories incapable of bringing any more thrill. 
That sounds boring. 

The kind of excitement Jesus offers isn't slippery at all. 
It grips ya and it doesn't slip away. 
 Know what sort of things He does with people who give Him a real and serious, "yes" ?

Beautiful, wild things. 
He teaches their hearts to be happy while they 
give give give. 
He teaches their feet to walk in unknown places. 
He teaches their hands to help the broken down to stand back up. 
He teaches their spirits to dream dreams bigger than the planets He made. 
And on and on it goes! 
He doesn't stop!

He does all this wild, adventurous stuff because He Himself is quite wild and adventurous. 
He picks the colors of the sunset, dances with angels in the milky way galaxy, and roars like a lion to wake sleeping hearts up from their slumber. 
(I'm not sure about that milky way galaxy part, I made it up, but I think it could be true)

The point is, Jesus isn't boring. 
Never has been, never will be. 
If you're bored with Jesus, you've got the wrong idea about who you're dealing with here. 
Ask Him what He wants you to do. 
His answer won't always be something thrilling, 
but often times it will be. 
Sitting with Him day after day, 
in the quiet, 
will cause you to start doing wild things. 
I really believe that. 
It may not always look like something typically labeled "wild," but there will be a freedom and thrill involved that goes beyond the thrilliest of "normal" thrills. It may not make your heart beat as fast or make you jump as high, but it will be deeper and longer lasting. 

I'm not serving Him because He makes my life wild. 
I'm serving Him because He's God and He's worth it. 
But the result of that is a huge endless pile of perks. 
One being His wild ways. 

Don't tell me serving Jesus is boring. I'm not gonna listen to it. And then I'm going to as politely as I can tell you that you don't know what you're talking about.

The closer you come to this God, the more wild your life starts becoming. 
He's wild and He's contagious. 

"I came to give life and life to its fullest."
 John 10:10