Saturday, May 3, 2014

Temptation is real

Hanging out on his roof, looking around at his kingdom, King David looked over at a neighboring house. 
There was a beautiful and naked neighbor woman taking a bath on her roof. 
She was beautiful. 
She was naked. 
She lived close by. 
In a few very important seconds, David made a very important decision. 
He chose to keep looking. 
His awful choice was easier, felt better, and seemed more natural than the other choice he could've made. 
He did what a coward would do and just kept looking. 
Maybe it doesn't seem like a big deal, huh? 
Men look at naked women all the time, in real life, movies, magazines, porn, their imaginations. 
"Atta boy, Dave," his guy friends would've said, as they slapped him on the back. 
But what if David would've looked away?
What if David would've been a real man and in those few short seconds, made the difficult decision, said no to being a lustful coward, and looked away? 
What if he would've went on into his house, and didn't come back out till bath time was over?
I'll tell you what would've happened. 
David wouldn't have slept with Bathsheba. 
(that's the naked neighbor's name)
He wouldn't have committed adultery, damaging his and Bathsheba's purity and holiness before the Lord. 
He wouldn't have got her pregnant. 
He wouldn't have murdered her husband. 
He wouldn't have had to watch his baby die. 
Things would've went a lot better for David if he would have listened to the spirit of God instead of what his lust was telling him. 
Would his guy friends have given him an 
"Atta boy, Dave,"
when he murdered Bathsheba's husband, one of his very own soldiers?
Or when he buried his newborn baby?
Temptation is real. 
When it comes, what we decide to do with it is 
really incredibly super important. 
Are you tempted right now?
I hope not. 
But know that you will be someday.
Temptations come in a number of different styles.
You may be tempted to lie, steal, manipulate, sleep with someone who isn't your spouse, hurt someone for your own gain, or maybe just give up.
If you are tempted right now, and you're currently up on your roof, taking a look at a beautiful, desirable temptation, 
hurry up and
look away, look away, look away. 
For your soul's sake,
look away.
Looking away doesn't feel good,
and only the brave do it.
But looking away stops a flood of evil from
pouring into your life.
Maybe you've already messed up and not looked away. 
There's hope! Even though he had to face some major hard times for giving into temptation, after the major hard times, David repented and God forgave. 
"It's not falling into water that drowns, but lying in it. It is not falling into that damns, but lying in it without repentance."
-Jacob Bock
Last week I had a dear friend stay with me. We got my dad's
 4-wheeler stuck up in our field. It was a muddy mess. After a lot of effort, we got it unstuck and kept trudging on through the field. We came to another muddy, low place, and I slowed down a little. My friend started jumping in her seat, yelling
  "go go go!"
She knew if I stopped, or just slowed down too much,
 we'd get stuck. In a quite similar way, when we come to a muddy, low place in our lives, Jesus starts jumping and yelling, 
"go go go!"
He knows if we'd get stuck if we slowed down to hang out in the muddy, low place. 
But when you come to a muddy, low place, you've got to floor it and get out of that place as fast as you can. 
Sometimes I look around to notice I've gotten myself into a pit made out of things that suck. 
Maybe you do the same.
When we get ourselves into such places, we've got to hurry up and start running and get out.
A good idea is to get alone with God, be real honest, ask Jesus for help (He's really good at fighting temptation), read Psalm 51 real slow, and mean every word.