Monday, May 26, 2014

I want guts like that

Courage is so beautiful. 

I've been reading about this guy who had boat loads of courage.
He wasn't scared of anything or anybody. 
Threaten his life? No problem. 
Put him in prison? No problem. 
Beat him real good? No problem. 

He had so much passion for what God said, he referred to God's words as a fire that was shut up in his bones. 

Jeremiah is his name and I want to be gutsy like he was gutsy. 
He lived during a time when people didn't care much about who their Maker was or what He had to say. 
People were just doing whatever felt good, whatever made them happy, with no concern about God or HIS desires. 

So God started talking to Jeremiah and telling him to line these people up. And like God always does, He was thinking of the people's benefit. He knew if they kept on like they were keeping on, it was going to destroy them. 

The people, for the most part, hated what Jeremiah had to say, and they hated Jeremiah. 
But Jeremiah, throughout his entire life, throughout the beatings, throughout the imprisonments, throughout the threats, 
"I am not afraid."

I want guts like that. 

The only thing he wanted was to get what God was saying across to these rebellious people. He didn't care what it cost him. 

Jeremiah wasn't after people's approval, in any kind of way. 
He was only only after God's approval. 
Ah. I want to be like that. 

There's a whole book about him in the Bible. You should read it. 

God takes cowards with weak, cowardly hearts, and He fills them with Himself. Then what happens is those pitiful hearts turn into courageous, lion-type hearts. 
God's the only one I know who can do that. 

Are you sort of way more into what people think than you are what God thinks?
Do you care kind of a lot more about having friends than you do pleasing God?
Are you scared of what would happen if you REALLY did what God said?
Well, if you're interested in changing, the Good News is, you can. 
Tell Him sorry and ask Him for help. 
Pray something like this,
"Holy Spirit (who is the One who gives courage), come fill me up. Take away all my coward-like tendencies and give me boldness.
I want to be like You, God-- fearless, strong, and brave. 
Make me gutsy like Jeremiah was gusty."