Thursday, May 22, 2014

I got fired

I got fired and got a new job, 
all within an hour. 

Yesterday was a full day. 

I had trained two days at this super classy restaurant that was way more serious of a job than I had wanted, but was going to give it my all. I was learning what things like "foie gras" and "sauce perigueux" meant. I'm kind of a farmer, and we don't call our food by french words on the farm. 

I went in for my third day of training yesterday, in my serious jeans, with my serious black button up (tucked in), with my serious black belt, serious (and polished) black shoes, and my serious, mostly calmed down, hair placed into a bun. 
The manager asks to talk to me, and says a lot of words that can be paraphrased into the following; 
"We've decided since you're only going to be living in this city 6-7 months, training you isn't worth your's or our time. 
Wanna be a table runner instead?"
"No," was my answer, so me and the manager politely agreed that I would just move on to wait tables at a place that didn't want to keep their servers for 45 years. (slightly exaggerated)

I more-or-less got fired. 
I hugged my sweet sort-of-co-workers goodbye and hopped into my car, with my serious apparel, serious shoes, and serious hair. 

I was pumped with adrenaline, confidence, and determination to prove to Louisville, KY that I'm going to be a waitress and I'm going to be a fine one.
I drove straight to my favorite restaurant in the city, stuck my hand out, and said, 
"Hi. I'm Abbie and I'd like an application."

Thirty minutes later I was sitting at a table with the restaurant's owner.
"You're confident. I'm going to give you a job."

And then he became my friend. 
My new boss might be the nicest man I've ever met. 
He's from Israel, he's a Christian, he said that I'm "pure" and was proud of that, he's a farmer (like me), and he wants to meet my mom and dad. 
Boy do I love my new boss. 
"What do I need to wear when I work?"
"Just something clean," he replied. 
See you later serious clothes, serious shoes, and stupid bun. 
This restaurant was my #1 pick of places to work before I moved to Louisville, but I sort of stumbled into the job at the other place so I just put the dream of working there on the back burner.
But God brought it to the front burner again. 
It's artsy and delicious and awesome. 
AND I made friends with a brand new co-worker in a yellow dress. 
AND did I mention the part where I get to wear whatever I want to work? 
AND it doesn't have to be serious at all.

The moral of this story is this;
sometimes you're going to try really hard at something and it's not going to work out for you. 
What you've got to do is hold your head up high and move on. 
What's next is probably going to be a big step better than what you left behind. 

I hope the place that fired me succeeds as a restaurant, and I think it will. The food is delicious and the folks I worked with for two days were kind to me. I do believe it's better for the restaurant and for me if we're not together. 
Sometimes you just have to try and find out. 
When one door closes, another one opens. 

Come eat at my new restaurant
I'll smile at you, talk nice to you, and serve you. 

p.s. Did I mention my new boss is awesome?