Monday, April 7, 2014

the ka jillion ridiculous things we do with our minds and why it matters to God

God is really serious about what goes on in our imaginations, and no wonder. 
What happens in that private space behind your face is what defines you and your thoughts are building the world you live in. 
God knows that if you don't get control of that imagination of your's, you're gonna be in trouble. 
We choose what we're going to keep in our minds and what we're going to kick out.

A bitter man may spend his entire work day carrying on a conversation in his mind with his enemy, imagining saying so many things that will be profound and prove his own rightness. 
A perverted teenager may spend all of their teen years imagining themselves with attractive people in all sorts of scenarios not worth mentioning. 
An average full-of-themselves person may spend hours imagining different people telling them how wonderful they are, or maybe just re-living the moments they received some of their favorite compliments. 
A single adult may spend years carrying on a conversation in their mind with their future spouse. 

The people who I've spent an embarrassing amount of time
 "talking to" today aren't really there. 
But there is one who is there, and who can hear me, and He longs for me to turn the conversation to Him. 

Jesus wants to meet with me in that sacred space behind my face. 
If I'm interacting with someone in my mind besides Jesus, then I'm flushing my precious thoughts down the toilet instead of giving them to the Eternal God who loves. 

Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, the wheels in your mind are turning. 
On and on they go, thinking their thoughts, dreaming their dreams, imagining their pictures.
Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, God is saying, 

"Talk to me. I'm here. 
I want to meet with you."

He made our imaginations, folks. 
There are a lot of reasons why He did NOT make our imaginations, 
and ONE reason why He DID. 
He wants to meet with us there. 

That private, 24/7, never-stopping space was designed for your Maker. 
Not for Facebook conversations, instagram pictures, tweets, conversations with people who aren't there, or any of the other ka jillion ridiculous things we do with our minds.

God wants ALL of our thoughts.
Whenever we let whatever-the-heck-wants-to come into our mind and then just stay, we're in serious danger. 

When a lady who has been married for 30 years starts sleeping with her co-worker, the sin didn't start their first night together. The sin started when,
"Hmmm. Look at him"
first came into her mind. 
When that first, sneaky, sort of disguised but still lustful thought came into her head, she had a choice, and it was a really super major important choice. She could keep thinking it, which would lead to worse, less disguised lustful thoughts and eventually to a broken marriage, 
or she could have chosen to say,
"No no no. That thought is not one that's staying. I love my husband and only my husband." 

 When a guy asked Jesus what the most important thing of all important things was, Jesus gave Him a quick response,
"And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength."

He didn't expound on the loving God with all your mind part, 
but I think we can gather from the rest of the Bible that Jesus is saying something like this,
"Let ME fill your mind. You're gonna have countless things trying to fill that space and take over, but don't let them. 
Let ME fill that space and take over."

This isn't something I've mastered, or have even gotten sort of ok at. But I keep reading and learning about what God has to say about it, and He keeps (very patiently) helping me get better in my imagination. 
I want it to be His space and only His space. 
I want to stop having conversations with people who aren't there and have a constant conversation with the God who is Love. 

"God gave you an imagination, and the goal is not to overcome it but use it. You will never overcome it, because it is part of your human design...I want to love Him with all of my mind, where He becomes my favorite thought. I want Him to be the place I naturally go when I am driving in my car or when I am quietly "just thinking." I want Him to become my daydream, my natural thought, my first thought, and my last."
-Misty Edwards

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is--His good, pleasing and perfect will.
-Romans 12:2

Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.
-Colossians 3:2