Monday, April 21, 2014

3 reasons we should all be more like Meagan

1. She has a 6-pack, but you're 
never going to see a picture of it. 


She's built kind of like a mix of Superman and Tyra Banks, but she remains fully clothed at all times while in public. 

About 98% of the females I know would regularly be posting 
lift-up-your-shirt-in-front-of-the-mirror selfies if their abs looked half as good as Meagan's. 

But you know why she doesn't? 
Because she's humble.
Because she's not aimed to impress you with her impressive body. 
Because she knows that beauty and worth aren't determined by your figure, but by your heart. 

There are going to be times in our lives when we have something about ourselves that's pretty impressive. We're going to want to flaunt it and make sure the world knows how awesome we are. 
But that's not what God has told us to do. 
Meagan is listening to Him.

2. She could outrun me and leave me, but stays by my side instead. 

(loyalty and love)

She's what you'd call a pretty great long distance runner, and I'm, well, not. 
A few years ago she talked me into running a half marathon with her and provided the encouragement, compassion, and inspiration to help me during those horrible months. 
She never once left me. 

Even on race day, she stayed right by my side throughout the entire race, running my slow, rabbit-like pace. 

Nowadays, when I occasionally feel like going on a run with her, she still always stays with me. 

There are going to be times in our lives when we could really show someone up,
and prove how much better we are at something. 
But that's not what God tells us to do. 
Meagan is listening to Him. 

3. She bought me a Martin guitar. 


A few years ago I got some extra birthday cash and wanted to trade in my not-so-awesome acoustic guitar for a more-awesome acoustic guitar. 

My plan was to trade in my current guitar, add about $200, and get whatever kind I could afford with that much cash. 

Meagan went with me to the guitar store. 
As I went to the used, sort-of-nice-but-not-that-nice section of the store, Meagan said something like, 
"Where are the nice, top-of-the-line guitars in this store?"

I replied something like,
"Over there, but why would I want to look at those? I can't afford them, and they'd just make the one I'm going to buy sound awful."

She said something like,
"I think you should just go play them and see if there's one you really like."

Then she had a discussion with the young sales guy about the prices of the Martins and Taylors. 

It didn't take me too long to fall in love with a Martin. 
It had a rich, full sound, smelt like spruce, and was well out of my price range. 

"Do you like it?" she asked. 

"Uh, yeah," I responded. 

"Then I'm going to buy it for you."

And that's what she did. 
She's not a millionaire or anything, and I'm certain there are a number of things she would have liked to spend that good sum of money on for herself. 
But she spent it on me instead. 
That sounds a lot like Jesus, huh?

I never in all my life thought I'd own a Martin guitar, but I do. 
This is just one of the bazillion generous things she's done for me in my life. 
(Flying me to Disney World and paying for 
EVERYTHING is on the list)

There are going to be times in our lives when we'd really rather spend our money on ourselves, lavishing ourselves with comforts and "special treats." 
But that's not what God has told us to do. 
Meagan is listening to Him. 

Meagan is my sister and I hope I can be more like her. 

Humility, love, loyalty, and generosity are things we could all use a lot more of. 
January 7, 2011
the Martin guitar shopping day

p.s. Happy Birthday, Meagy.