Saturday, March 15, 2014

this year and my life

"You're afraid of losing your own success."

God told me that once. 

Since that sort of hard conversation several years ago, 
I've been trying to let HIM define what success is in my life.  
What God says is successful is quite different than what most folks say is successful. 

As part of this hard but beautiful "die to yourself" life journey (Luke 9:23), for the past couple years, I've gone to Southeast Asia to love kids and preach. Jesus has lots of commands that include loving people and telling them about who He is, so I've been trying to listen to those commands. 
 Sometimes I get to thinking that only people on the other side of the ocean need Jesus, but that's really wrong. There are quite a few folks right here in the USA who need to enter into a relationship with Love Himself. 

My 2014 is dedicated to loving people right here in America.
For the first year in many years, it's looking like I won't leave the country. 

My brother (in-law) and sister are planting a church in Louisville, KY.
I'm 100% pumped about it and want to do whatever I can to help during the start up stage. 
So in the end of April, I'm once again packing up a couple suitcases and moving in with a sister.
I'm going to live in my brother and sister's basement, get a job waiting tables, kiss my new niece everyday, love people in Louisville, pray for the nations, run wild with my nephew, and do whatever I can to help with the church plant. 

I've wanted to wait tables for years and that's no joke. 
God makes dreams come true. 

Until the move in May, I'm finishing (in Jesus' Name) recording an album. I'm living back on the farm I grew up on with my best friends, having just moved out of my other sister's house.

If it seems like I'm moving around a lot, that's because I am. 
I want everybody to know Jesus, and I'm going to go wherever He wants me to go to help make that happen. 
Sometimes that means staying in the same place for 65 years, sometimes it means staying in the same place a couple months.
Our only job is to listen and say "yes" to what God says. 

I'm already homesick for Southeast Asia and it's only March. 
I'm going to spend a good deal of time this year praying for my friends in India, Thailand, and Burma, while getting direction from God about what's next in the nations. 

If you want to pray for me, that'd be awesome. 
Pray that God will teach me how to preach the Gospel to lukewarm Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, Athiests, and every other sort of person who needs to hear the Gospel.
Pray for Daylight Church to be just what God wants. 
Pray that my cd will also be just what God wants. 
Pray for my friends in ARK Rescue Center, Mordecai's House, and Life Impact Thailand and Burma to know Jesus intimately, be protected from harm, and to love the life God's given them. 

It's ok if you don't, and in fact you likely won't, think I'm successful. What matters is if God calls me successful.