Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Satan accuses, Jesus defends

I'm really good at noticing people's flaws. 
I'm gonna guess that you are, too. 
After I notice someone's flaws, I'm also really good at focusing on those flaws every time I'm around or think about that person. 
This can be called, "accusing." Some days, if you could get inside my mind (I'm glad you can't), you'd see about 2,809 accusations against the people in my life. 
And possibly even some about you. 

"She's a Christian, and she lies. She told me she was going to do this, but she never did. That's a lie. She's a liar."

"She is so judgmental. She's always judging the people around her and how they don't live up to her perfect standard." (this one is particularly ironic)

"He isn't as nice as he thinks he is. Actually, he's kind of a jerk."

And on & on & on they go. 

Accusation after accusation. 

You know where accusations come from? 
The devil, the Great Rebel against the Great God, is called
 "the Accuser." 
That's because he's the founder & the king of accusation. 
He lives his days to increase darkness on the earth & accusation brings all sorts of darkness onto the earth. It leads to bitterness, anger, broken relationships, pride, hurt, & quite a few other awful things. 

That means when I'm thinking non-sense thoughts about how terrible the people around me are, I'm siding with the Great Rebel. 

Oh! Let us be careful what we let into our minds!

And oh! Let us be glad that the Accuser has a Great Opponent!

Jesus is the Defender. 
He doesn't accuse, He defends. He defends you, He defends me. 
If you're thinking about how flawed up the people in your life are, you're not thinking thoughts that come from Jesus, you're thinking thoughts that come from Hell.  I am often surprised at the way Christians I admire will openly discuss all the flaws of other Christians. That's not ok to do. When I hear a Christian bringing up the sins of another Christian, it disgusts me, and then reminds me that I do the same thing and ought not to. 

We've all got plenty of flaws: real, genuine flaws. But just because they are there, and we can discuss them "honestly" without even having to exaggerate, DOES NOT MAKE IT OK. 

Jesus defends the people in your life, and He wants YOU to defend the people in your life. Has someone ever stood up for you when someone was slamming you behind your back? And then you found out about it and were so proud of your defender? Have you ever stood up for someone who was being slammed? That's a Jesus-like characteristic, standing up for people. 

Now there are definitely times in a Christian's life when the Holy Spirit is going to point out a person's sin to you IN ORDER for you to either pray for or go to that person to help them overcome the sin. The Holy Spirit will NEVER point out a person's sin so you can dwell on it for the next 25 years and talk about it with all your friends. The way to handle a person's sin is to help them overcome it. There's a way to do that, and dwelling on/chatting about the sin is NOT the way. 

Pay attention to your thoughts today. 
You're the only person who lives in your mind, and you're the only person who can choose what you're going to let stay in there.  In regards to the people you have a relationship with, listen to what the Defender has to say about them, not the Accuser. 

My dear children, I am writing this to you so that you will not sin. But if anyone does sin, we have an advocate who pleads our case before the Father. He is Jesus Christ, the one who is truly righteous.
-1 John 2:1