Saturday, January 25, 2014

sorta moved.

My sisters and I haven't lived together in 15 years. 
When I heard that the eldest sister was moving in with the middle sister for 2 months, I thought to myself, 
"How could I possibly stay away?"

I couldn't. 
So I packed up two suitcases, my guitar, some soft blankets, a pretty strand of lights, a french press, a vanilla candle, 
and moved in with my sisters. 

I'm back in the Kentucky town where I went to college, 
and will be living under the same roof as two of my heroes for the next month and a half. 

During that month and a half, here's what my days will look like;

--being as cool and fun of an aunt as I can possibly be, while nannying my nephew so that my sister can finish up her last days of work before bringing me a NEICE into the world 
--doing whatever I can to help out with Christ Ambassadors 
(Chi Alpha), the campus ministry I was in during college
--recording a homemade cd 
--praying for the nations and fulfillment of God's plan for me in Southeast Asia

I'm excited. 
I sometimes cry for my friends in Southeast Asia, 
but until I can be with them again, I'm going to build blanket forts with my nephew. 

When I move out of my sister's in 
mid-March, I don't really know where I'll be moving to. 
But I know Someone who does, and He's never failed to lead me before, and He's not gonna start failing now.  

Did I mention I'm excited?
 I am.