Sunday, January 19, 2014

my brother and Daylight.

I have a note on my phone entitled, "Thoughts from H.L."
H.L. is my brother and when he says something worth remembering, I put it in this note. 
He says something worth remembering pretty often. 

I don't use the term "genius" lightly, but the sentence, 
"H.L. is a genius" 
comes out of my mouth sometimes.  
He understands and knows things that I just, well…don't.
So I have learned and am learning quite a ton from him. 

He's a genius who has committed his life to helping people know Jesus. That's what real geniuses do. 
He helps people who don't know Jesus get to know Him, 
and he helps people, like me, who already know Jesus, get to know Him better. 

 He's technically my brother-in-law, but since he feels exactly like a brother, I like to leave the -in-law part off. 
My oldest sister married him about 9 years ago and boy am I glad she did. 

In 2014, they're starting a church in Louisville, KY and if you live anywhere within, oh, I don't know, two hours of there, you will probably want to make it your home church. 
Daylight Church, that's the name. 
Go ahead and take a break from reading this and go look at the website. 

I believe in this church and I know what it's going to do. 
It's going to show prostitutes and perverts that there is a different kind of Man who is the Hope of the world and in love with them. 
It's going to answer confused fence riders' questions about God and help fuel some passion. 
It's going to send Bible-belters to the ends of the earth with the message of the Gospel. 
It's going to be awesome and it's going to change the world.

I guess what I'm saying is, I really love my brother, am feeling especially thankful for him, am excited about the Light of the world who starts churches, and am ready to keep learning. 

Yep. That's what I'm saying. 
Have a good week. 
I love you. 

"We evangelize because everyone should have the fullness of God in every possible way."
-my brother