Friday, January 31, 2014

a roller coaster and a globe

I've never been to the United Arab Emirates. 
But you'd better believe that if I ever go, I'm going to ride the 
It's the world's fastest roller coaster, its top speed reaching 150 mph, and its riders have to wear goggles. 

That's impressive and all, 150 mph, but when considering the globe I'm living on, it becomes less impressive. 
Know how fast you're spinning right now? 
And I'm going to guess that you're not even dizzy. 
And I'm going to guess that you don't even have goggles on. 
Every day, all day long, round and round she goes, at 1,040 mph. 
And every day, she manages to make a full circle on her axis. 
We don't fall down. 
We don't get dizzy.

While we're spinning in circles at 
1,040 mph, 
we're also making a big lap around the Sun that takes us about 365 days. 
Know how fast we're buzzing through space in a lap around the Sun?
About 66,000 mph. 
That's about 18 miles per second. 
We don't fall down. 
We don't get dizzy.
I don't know how God set that all up, 
but He did. 

Taking a look at things like the human eyeball that can distinguish between ten million different colors, the 100,000 miles worth of blood vessels in the adult human's body, the globe  that is rapidly spinning and buzzing through space while maintaining life, these sort of things make one realize that the Creator is a  bit bigger, wiser, and different than all the rest of us. 

I'm not sure how often you feel "awe" in your life, 
but if there's anything or anyone that deserves some awe, 
it's your Creator. 
He can't be exaggerated. 
He's always going to be kinder, bigger, better, stronger, and more loving than what we can come up with in our wildest imaginations. 

I like that about Him. 

Know what else I like about Him?

I like that this Creator Being who paints the sunset every night and keeps my heart beating, 
is looking at me saying, 
"I want to be with you."

This Being isn't just big and really creative, 
He's Love. 

He wanted a being that had a spirit like He did, 
so he made a human man and a human woman so He could have someone to love. 
That's the reason for all this, 
for the planets and the eyeballs and the blood vessels and the gravity;
God wanted someone to love. 

That's why you're here. 
God made you so He could love you. 
When we let Him love us like He wants to love us, 
we let Him into our lives and He starts changing everything.
He takes our dirty, pitiful hearts, and starts making them beautiful. 

This globe-spinning, eyeball shaping Creator is looking at you right now. 
He's saying something like this, 
"I want to be with you."

Psalm 33:8
Let all the earth fear the Lord;
    let all the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of him!