Wednesday, November 20, 2013

You took me to a grassy place.

Their mom left. 
Their dad has been abusive. 

She is 7. 
He is 3. 

Their smiles are rare. 
Their pain is frequent. 

Never have I been around a child who has lost childlike-ness as this 7 year-old girl has lost childlike-ness. For many years, she has been the mom of her family.
 She is raising her 3 year-old brother. 
She washes his clothes, she bathes him, she feeds him.
She is 7. 

The boy has been around me, all totaled up, less than an hour. 
But when he sees me he approaches quickly, arms lifted up. 
When I pick him up, he holds me tightly. 
He has known me less than an hour. 

I asked their weak father if I could take them on a walk to get ice-cream, he didn't mind. 

We went into the small store and I brought the brother and sister over to the ice-cream freezer. Using sign-language, as I don't speak Burmese and they don't speak English, I communicated that they could pick out an ice-cream. 

It was the most emotion I'd seen on the girl's face. 
She gave a small gasp and her eyes became big. 
You could even call the shape of her lips a smile. 

Then I took them to the coke machine and communicated that they could pick out any coke they wanted. 
Big eyes again. 
Smile again. 

We took our ice-cream and cokes to a grassy place. 
We sat down and ate our ice-cream, drank our cokes, 
sat in silent company. 

I related to that grassy event.  

I was a child without a childlike trait, 
I was a wounded daughter finding it hard to trust, 
I was a neglected son receiving halfway love, 
I was carrying around the weight of my neglect, 
I was fearful of not having enough food tomorrow,
I was expected to help someone I wasn't supposed to have to help,
I was tired. 

He took me to a grassy place, 
sat me down, and loved me. 

He treated me, the worn out, as one He really loved.

The desires I find in my heart, such as taking 2 hurting children to a grassy place, are coming from the God I serve. When Jesus enters a life, He starts to make the life look like His own. 
Jesus shares His desires, making our desires His own. 

What I can't get over is the way He treats me. 

Will you pray for my new small friends? 
Pray that they let Jesus enter their lives, and do so much more for them than buy ice-cream and cokes. 
Will you pray for their broken father? 
Pray that he, too, lets Jesus in. 

 “Look! I stand at the door and knock. If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in, and we will share a meal together as friends."
Revelation 3:20