Wednesday, November 27, 2013

a king and his fair

The only time he'd been to the fair was to beg. 
He is 4 years old and he's not a beggar anymore. 
On a scale of 1 to 10, his excitement level was a 13.5. 
Life Impact International took several of its rescued children to the fair last week, and I got to be in on the fun. 
I got partnered up with this guy. 
He's the most fun, full-of-life 4 year-old you could ever meet. 

He had never been on a ferris wheel,
never played a carnival game. 

But like He does, Jesus turned things around.
He put His 4 year-old son in a loving family, wiped the dirt off his face, bought him new clothes, called him a king, and said, 
"You'll never have to beg again."

Throughout our oh-so-fun two hours at the fair, 
my little buddy yelled my name over and over. 
If he was about to go down a slide, 
if he was about to do an impressive jump, 
if I looked away for a second, 
"P Abbie!" he yelled. 
(P is a respectful way to address someone)

He wanted my eyes on him.
He didn't want me to look away, even for a second. 

Whether we're 4 or 40, we're pretty much the same. 
We all want to be noticed. 
We want someone to see who we are, what we're doing, and not take their eyes off of us. 

God made us like that. 
He made us like that so we would want His Gaze and be satisfied when we got it. 

My life changed when I found out Jesus was looking at me and wasn't going to stop. 
He sees, He notices, He doesn't take His Eyes off. 

We're all a 4 year-old beggar child,
only at the fair to beg. 

But Jesus steps in, wipes the dirt off of our faces, 
holds us in His God Arms, and says, 
"You'll never have to beg again."

p.s. this is my last week in Thailand and God brought me a friend from the USA. I'll write a word or two about that later.