Sunday, October 27, 2013

sometimes life is hard.

Sometimes all you want to do is go home, get under the blankets, and sleep for the next 60 years. 

What I've noticed is that the devil hates me.
He hates you, too. 
If you're serving his Enemy, the Lord of lords and King of kings, then he really hates you. 

Since July, I've been living in Southeast Asia, in obedience to some of Jesus' big commands, like "love your neighbor as yourself," and "make disciples of all nations." 
(Mark 12:31, Matthew 28:19-20)
It has, by far, been the hardest three months of my life. 
I have become fully aware that I am in a war, a downright war. 
The foundation of my life, knowing Jesus Christ, has had bombs designed in Hell thrown at it. 
My mind as been a war zone and a place that you wouldn't ever want to be. 
I've thought thoughts that no Christian should ever think and have often found myself wanting to go to sleep just to shut my mind off and give my head a break. 

War looks different for all of us. 
But the Devil's attacks have the same purpose for each of us; 
to destroy what we have with Jesus. 
When Satan started throwing bombs at Job, he had one purpose, to destroy Job's relationship with God. 
He didn't care if Job was rich, had a nice family, or was happy, but he cared a great deal about Job's devotion to God, so he did what he could to destroy it. 

Have you ever watched someone walk away from Jesus? 
I can give a guarantee that the Jesus-deserter was being attacked by Hell. A person doesn't just decide to walk away from the Source of Love Himself, but they're tricked by a very tricky trickster. 
 What Satan hates is people following Jesus, so he tells whatever lie he can, gives any temptation he can, floods our lives with whatever busyness he can, to take us away from Jesus. 
And he's good at it. 

Know what that means?
We've got to get some fight in us. 
We're in a downright war.

On how to fight and how to win, all I have to say are these two things;
1.) Talk to the One who has defeated Hell, and talk to Him a LOT.
2.) Read the Bible, and read it a LOT.

When you're talking to Jesus and reading what He says, 
you're choosing to fix your mind on Him. 
Then, whatever lie, temptation, distraction Hell brings your way, you see right through it because you're mind is all filled up with the truth. 
It's easy to recognize a lie when you're really well acquainted with the Truth. 

Although I've strongly considered it, 
I've decided not to sleep off the next 60 years. 
I've decided to fight. 

Last year when I flew home from Thailand, I was in a wheelchair with a scarred face. 
This year when I fly home from Thailand, 
I'm going to be walking, head held high, with a scarred soul. 

No matter what Hell's attacks look like, I'm going to keep winning. 
I'm serving the Winner. 

"I'm thinking about how generals in the army etc. get their rank 'cause they've been through the battles and a lot of training. Abraham, David, Joseph... All battled. 
Your wounds will heal and be scars that always tell a story."

-my sister

“It is not that we don't have faith it is just that Satan is trying to destroy our faith with lies.”
Joyce MeyerBattlefield of the Mind: Winning the Battle in Your Mind