Monday, October 21, 2013

Kisses for currency

The only thing they have to give me is the only thing I want;
their affection. 

I'm on the other side of the globe, away from all things familiar, in order to make Jesus Christ known.
The children that He has rescued and is letting me serve in Southeast Asia have no idea what it is like to go from living in the USA to living in India, Thailand, and Myanmar. 

I don't ask that they even try to know, 
I just want their love. 

They can't give me money to help pay for my plane tickets, they can't cook biscuits and gravy for me, they can't buy me any Wheat Thins.
But what they can do is give me just exactly what I want:
their affection.

When a small Burmese head lays upon my shoulder, with small Burmese arms wrapped tightly around me,
I forget about the struggle.
Their currency is hugs and kisses and they are so generous with their payments.

I'm not trying to compare myself with the Almighty, 
but would be error to not mention an important comparison.

When Jesus came to live on the earth as a man, He was a long way from home.
He left His Father and the people whom He came to serve will never have any idea of the weight of that sacrifice.
Now, as He is living in Heaven having made a way for us to go there, too, He isn't saying, 
"Those ignorant children. They have no idea what I gave up for them."
Rather, He is saying something like this, 
"They won't ever understand what it means that I became a man, I just want their affection."
His reward is my love.
My currency to Him is my hugs and my kisses,
given to Him every time I kiss a young Thai face, I hug a small Burmese boy, I sing Him a song.

The children of Southeast Asia have no idea what their affection means to me, and probably never will. 
The children of the earth have no idea what their affection means to the Eternal God, and probably never will. 

You're looking at me saying, 
"I'll love you forever"
You're looking at me saying, 
"I'll never stop"
I'm looking back
"I have never been loved like that"